My Mommy got married and boy what a wild ride that was

015 The day before started off with a birthday party for the kids.  They had a blast, and I had a blast, and everyone had fun, but it really tired them out, and in retrospect it might not have been the best of decisions, but I probably would have made the same one again, because it was a good friend of both me and the kids.  She’s been to all the kids’ birthday parties for the last year, so I didn’t want to miss hers.


024 023028  027

If you’ve been keeping up with my facebook postings you’ve known I’ve been working like crazy on projects that I HAD to get done for both the wedding and the party.  You can see the final results of one of the projects.  I finished the boys vests, minus snaps right before we headed off for the rehearsal.  By the way, don’t you love Superman on those bottom two pictures?  Isn’t that priceless?  And then on the top one you’ve got Superman busy posing all tough, and Batman pretending to kiss the sign.  I’m not quite sure why.

036 035  037

The kids all did WONDERFUL walking down the imaginary aisle.  Princess did a fabulous job of throwing out the flower petals, and when she got to the end she dutifully dumped out whatever petals she had left.  Seriously.  She made sure there were none left in the basket, and she was very happy they were pink petals.  Very happy.


The actual rehearsal went well, more or less.  We were mostly serious.  Okay, I was horrible.  I’m not good at being serious.  Not at all.

033 031

I did not set a good example on the first time through, but I did get more serious the second time through and did not make any more smart aleck comments.  I just thought them really loudly.


Post to continue on Monday, when I’m not trying to write this with all my make-up and hair still somewhat in curls at 11:30 at night, and just sitting here thinking I really want to take a bath, and get not so done up.  To have you wondering what happened on the day itself, I’ll leave you with these teasers:


1.  Someone went to the ER.

2.  We had a major hiccup with something very important to the wedding.

3.  I was late to get where I was supposed to be because I misetimated time.

4.  I wore make-up and had my hair done.  Seriously, this is a big deal for me, I never bother with that stuff, who has time for it with three pre-schoolers?  I’m doing good most days if I get a shower or brush my hair.

5 thoughts on “My Mommy got married and boy what a wild ride that was

  1. I LOVE the kiddos outfits! Looking forward to reading more about the adventurous day…

    P.S. I would have been making smart alek comments right up there with ya…in fact, my husband and I laughed throughout our entire wedding…

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