South American books and animals and such


Honestly, I was kind of bleah on the books we got from the library this time.  Nothing to truly inspire great projects.  So our lapbook for this is rather bland, and forgettable.

So, all I have to share with you are lots and lots of animal printables.  Nothing exciting, but my kids still love to do these.
Tree Frog and Army Ant
Tapir and Macaw
 Sloth and Jaguar
Fruit Bat Boa Constrictor
My kids continue to be fascinated by anything and everything that a jaguar can eat, probably because of their love for GO Diego GO, much to my dismay.  As annoying as I find it sometimes they’ve learned a lot from the show, and they do incorporate it into their play A LOT.

013Since I have nothing exciting to say about these, but still wanted to share them, I’ll show you an amusing picture of my kids.


So, I’ve taught them a “bad habit,” I firmly believe the best way to eat Wendy’s fries is to dunk them in a frosty, and I’ve taught my kids.  Then they started getting silly, and using them as straws.

I’d show you our other exciting South America forays, but really the closest was the crayon resist, and it didn’t turn out great.  So all in all, I found our trip to South America disappointing, but I console myself with I can do it again and BETTER when we go back to individual countries, and by that time I’ll have had more time to dream of ideas.  Sigh……….

7 thoughts on “South American books and animals and such

  1. My kids love Diego, too. But we know all about what different animals do and eat. We play animal rescuer quite often. 🙂

  2. Cute pictures! I wish we had more Diego in the library – we don't get it on the cable. Anna loves it too. Our trip to South America was also kind of so-so, but I thought your kids might enjoy Umbrella by Jan Brett. It's set in the rainforest and lends itself well to art projects and sequencing activities.

  3. Emma LOVES Dora, and it used to annoy me until I realized that she was learning a lot AND was channeling Dora to overcome her fears. That's worth a ton with my often overly-shy and cautious daughter.

    I spent two years living in Bolivia, and I think your kids would enjoy learning about Lake Titicaca. It's the highest navigable lake in the world. There are also some people living there (or were in '92-'94) who built the boats Thor Heyerdahl used for his Ra expeditions. I think it's the only place in the world where you still find reed boats like the ones seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs still in use.

  4. So you are one of “those” people who dunk their fries? Well, thats not so bad, but please please tell me that you do not take bites out of popsicles with your teeth! Its my weirdest little thing, I can't stand when people take chunks out of popsicles by biting it off!

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