Our favorite math game right now!

I kid you not.  I first discovered this game when my boys were playing it obsessively in Jump Start, and they kept playing it but doing it wrong, so they wouldn’t get points.  I tried explaining how to play it on the computer, and then watched as they kept playing and playing, and I started to dream of how I could make this wonderful game, and they’d play it for hours and call me the most wonderful Mommy ever.  Then I realized I didn’t have to, and I already have it all set up to play the game.  Lots of time and effort saved.


What is this game you say?  Well, I’m glad you asked.




It’s our brand new calendar game, which is much more effective than trying to do it every day.  I pull out random cards from the board and they have to put them back in the right places.  And mysteriously enough I always pull out enough cards so everyone gets the same number of cards, however could that be?


I pull out 3 days of the week, and about 12 or so of the number cards, and have them put the cards back in order as we get to the number.


The kids are LOVING this!  They really really love it!


I’m linking this up to Joyful Learner Math Monday, and ABC and 123 Show and Tell on Tuesday.  Both of which have buttons, which I’ve been bad about remembering to grab, I will soon.

10 thoughts on “Our favorite math game right now!

  1. Great idea! I'm reviewing Jump Start in a couple weeks, but we've had trouble playing it with our slow internet connection. Maybe while we're at Grandma's house with her fast internet…

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