A Fun Great Reading and Writing Activity

So, this is one of those great early learning activities that is better the closer they are to reading and writing.

Supplies: stickers, magazines, what have you whatever they can use to create a story, a booklet (I used these)

My kids used this:

Go Diego Go Pictures for Stories


All you do is turn them loose with glue, scissors and whatever they’re using to make their story.  I explained to mine that they could glue their pictures in the box on the top half and I would write out the story on the bottom half.  This is a great early writing activity because so often kids get stuck with what should I write?  This solves it for them.

Here’s Superman’s story as narrated to me (actually it’s one mini-story per page):


Diego went with his friend Diego and they went into the building.





047 He goes skating on the snow, and then he goes to the car and he swings with his little jaguar and he tells rescue pack to change into something and then he goes to bed and he never gets up because he’s sick.




048 “I save all the animals,” said Diego.  And then he saves the tree frog.  He tells them to jump out of the water and then he takes them to another tee and then he goes to bed.


049 And then the sloth climbs backwards and then he goes to bed.  And then he saves the really fast animal.  THE END


That’s when he saves his pet jaguar.  His pet jaguar was looking for his mommy.  And Diego found his mommy.  That’s how he saved him.



And then his camera Click finds an animal that eats ants and the penguin.

I left that one with the space for the words, so you can see what the book looks like.  Superman is working on his second book now.  And the kids LOVE this!



Head on over to ABC and 123 for some other great ideas people are adding as you read this.

8 thoughts on “A Fun Great Reading and Writing Activity

  1. I love the idea of using the pictures with this. Crumpet has been doing some creative writing – he tells me stories that I write down, and then he illustrates, but I think trying with the pictures as a start would be a fun change.

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