Wooden Spoon Puppet

Materials: wooden spoon, fabric, yarn, sequins, what do you feel like?


Color like crazy.  Actually they were more concerned with coloring the wooden shapes we’ve just bought to make a fishing set……

Glue on accessories as you like, add fabric, whatever.  I taped on the dress using duct tape.
024 021 022 023
Batman insisted his didn’t need anything else.  Princess is modeling mine, which she decided to adopt.  Superman’s is two-sided monster, can you tell he’s growling.

The last craft I featured at MOPS will be published on Thursday as part of our stART activity for the week.

6 thoughts on “Wooden Spoon Puppet

  1. Oh my goodness…I so see Ms. Frizzle!!!

    I have been intending to do these with my kiddos. I saw them on another blog, but I just haven't gotten around to making them yet.

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