Great craft supplies to buy

So, I tried writing this post on my lap top while Princess was taking a bath, but I kept having to stop and feed the dolphins, and throw toys for the dolphin to catch, so……….

I’m posting this on Monday night so it should come out right about when I’m talking to our MOPS group from our church.  I’m telling them all about the wonderful crafts you can do with your kids and all sorts of other stuff.  I wanted an easy to find thing for them to be able to read:
Back to School sale:
24 pack Crayola crayons- they’re about $.25
10 pack of Crayola markers- about $.88
Elmer’s Glue- $.22
Elmer’s Gluesticks- $.22 for a 2 pack
Fiskars scissors- about a dollar (buy a lot of these I swear something eats our scissors)
Pencil sharpeners
construction paper
spiral notebooks
notebook paper
pencil boxes (the cheap kind that you get at Wal-Mart for 3 for a dollar, you’re going to need a place to store the stuff)

I’d actually suggest getting several of the above items while they’re at a great price.  I usually make it a goal for that month or so to spend about $5-10 each time I go grocery shopping on school supplies.  That way I can get a lot, but not break my budget by buying it all at once.  Notice, this is most of the stuff your elementary age kid has on their supply list.  I’ve had the best luck with Crayola and Fiskars, so that’s why I put those particular names.  Rose Art has come up in quality a lot recently, so there’s probably not the problem there used to be.

You could get the Crayola or Rose Art watercolor paint, but I’ve noticed the colors tend to be muddy, so I haven’t found a good watercolor yet.
003random picture, because I like to have pictures in my posts.

Things to buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or whatever craft store you go to:
paint- I like Crayola best, but they’re only sold in sets of 3, and I always run out of one of the three colors, so I’ve tried the ones at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s but the red just isn’t as good, it seems more pink to me.
specialty craft scissors- they can often be found at Michaels in the dollar aisle
stamps and stamp pads- these are never ending, so just choose ones you think you’ll use, I buy them on clearance often.
popsicle sticks- or other small wooden things
fun foam
felt- you can get 4 sheets of these for a dollar, and there are so many things to do with this
pipe cleaners- I have to hide these or Batman will create this:
I try to buy these when they’re on sale.  I get the fliers from most of the craft stores in the area and just go to whichever one has the sale.

Trash to Treasure items:
containers of all sorts and sizes- butter, oatmeal, cereal boxes, milk cartons, you name it
plastic lids
lids from juice cans
if you’re feeling adventurous chip bags, or the like
egg cartons (NEVER throw these out, unless you go through a lot of eggs)
shoe boxes (save every single one you can get a hold of, especially if you have an elementary ages kid, because there are so many school projects that use these)

Things from the grocery store:

Okay, that’s all I’m thinking of right now.  I’ll probably come back later on and add to this. 
And, here’s a couple of other posts I wrote before on this topic:
Crafts We Love
Great Art Supplies and What You Use Them For
I’m also slowly going through and categorizing my crafts by what materials I used in them, so here’s a few categories:
Bible Crafts
Crayons (that all impressive 1, I suppose all that coloring…..)
Fun Foam (there will be more than one as I finish going through)
kid crafts
scissors and glue

And the best way I’ve found to organize all the ideas you find online is Evernote.  The key to is to tag whatever you’re looking at as soon as you clip it to Evernote because then you’ll be able to find it.  There’s also an Iphone app that I use when I’m out and about and see an idea (usually when sitting in waiting rooms and I take a picture and store it away for later).

Crafts featured tonight to follow after this post, as well as a fairly extensive list of great places to find kid crafts.

3 thoughts on “Great craft supplies to buy

  1. This is a great post. I went so overboard last year in back-to-school sales that I still have tons of unused markers and pencils. And nobody is eating our scissors, so I have too many of those too. I love Michael's $1 section – they often have very neat finds.

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