Clothespin Dolls

Supplies needed: old-fashioned clothespin, also called a peg pin; fabric (optional), matchsticks or pipe cleaners, markers, glue


1.  Let your kids have fun coloring away (Why don’t I close the blinds for these pictures?).  For this we used ordinary washable markers.


2.  Now let them have at your fabric scraps.  This is a perfect project to use up all those little bits that you hate to throw away.  Sadly, I had just started throwing all those littlle bits right before I started this, but oh well.

005 007
Okay, I just added those because I like those pictures of Superman and Princess.

3.  Start gluing away.  Princess is a firm believer in use the whole bottle on every project.

End Results:
018 010
Superman’s creation: Blue Arrow; and Batman’s creation: Superman, I kid you not
012 017
Mine: Princess Aurora (would have been better if I’d gotten yarn out); Princess: Batman, yes Batman wears pink in her world.

Hmmmm, I just noticed that while it’s looking just fine in Live Writer when I get to it being posted it gets all screwed up.  Must fiddle with this more.

11 thoughts on “Clothespin Dolls

  1. Those turned out great! The last time I pulled out our “pegs” Ernie spent an hour completely painting each peg, each a solid color. I switched her to wide “popsicle sticks” because they're cheaper 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me on your list of craft/learning activitiy blogs.

    We have not made clothespin dolls yet. I have always thought that this is a sweet craft to do.

    I cannot resist a craft bargain, even if I cannot think of an immediate use for it. It's always handy to have lots of varied resources on hand, you just never know what may come in handy.

  3. I love clothespin dolls! Would you believe that a few years ago when I first made them with my daughter, I had no idea that the “peg pin” clothespin existed. We made our doll with regular clothes pins. We actually found them the other day and realized that they look kinda funny compared to the ones we made from the peg pins!

    Hey, thanks for linking up!

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