Preschool Corner: North Carolina and more


Well, last week was one of those not so productive weeks, but wait until you see the upcoming week.  I’m presenting at our local mops group, and so I wanted lots of examples to share.
014So as per usual we’ve been reading lots and lots of books.  This is a picture of 5 or so of them so I would remember them for my WMCIR post.  We’ve taken to grabbing about 4 books at a time and just sitting and reading all of them in a marathon streak.  By we, I really mean me.  But, they’ve been enjoying this, and I get several requests to read some of the books again.
The boys are continuing to move along in their reading skills.  They’re pretty good at sounding out/have memorized the books they can read, but they’re still struggling with some of the sight words, so I need to work on some games or their cards.  Princess is at the point I’m thinking I’ll actually start working on her reading.  Right now I’ve been making a sound and having her find that sound in the books her brothers’ are reading.  She’s been enjoying that.

068So, the kids are moving on in math.  We’ve started doing representational addition.  And I’m thinking I’ll probably start trying to do at least a couple of these a morning.  They also desperately want to buy everything, but most of their money is in coins.  So I made the printable below for them to figure out how many dollars they had.  Now if I can just keep the boys from mixing their money, all would be well.  And, I just want to complain that Microsoft has no good clip art of coins.  Really, these were the best I could find and I really wanted to have both heads and tails (and I will not get started on my rant of how hard it is to train kids about coins when the government keeps changing them).  Oh well, maybe later I’ll get out my coin stamps from my teaching days and use those.
Money Match Up


005We attempted to fly paper airplanes and make predictions about which would go furthest, that didn’t work out so well.  Oh well.  If you want to see more go here, and I got a lot of great suggestions of how to fix the experiment.  So, I really want to blow something up this week in honor of China having discovered black gunpowder, but I’m scared to look it up on Google or something in case I get tagged for looking up explosives.  So, I need to get some serious looking down between now (on Tuesday) and Friday.  Batman has decided our experiment this week is finding out how tea is made.  So, we may go with that less exciting, but not likely to get me on a government watch list idea.


022 We learned about North Carolina, and as usual my lapbook is not put together, nor is the one about California.  The only hands on activity we did was the flying airplanes for science, but we read a fair number of books, but nothing that really went “OH, this would make a great activity!”
Now China!  That I’m swimming in ideas, and I don’t know quite how we’ll put it all together, but then Asia is the first continent I’ve been able to come up with something besides animals.  Our library had nothing that was age appropriate for South America or Australia to read, but I’m thinking I’ll swing back to those two later to do some more crafts, besides I’ve got all the goodies from Elise at Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds to add in now, and my kids would love them.



They continue to create “art” out of whatever they find.  Here Superman is adding stickers to a page he cut out of a coloring book.  He then delivers these to whomever.  I don’t have a picture of it, but his brother drew a masterpiece on a wipe.  Inspired his sister took it a step further and used a Kleenex.  Don’t ask me how.

When we went out to lunch the other day a very nice older gentleman asked if he could give our kids this dump truck, and we said yes.  So the kids happily took turns pushing it around the outside of Olive Garden while we waited for our table to be called. 

The boys continue to play Jump Start as often as they can.  Really, I have to pry them off of it.  Not that I really set that great of an example.  They’ve also added Lego Batman on the PS3 into their obsession rotation.  That’s slightly frustrating because they can’t quite play it on their own, and need help fairly often.

Princess and I went out to get the last of the clothes we need for my Mom’s wedding (except my boots, which I forgot to get, I need to check if the ones I have that aren’t cowboy are okay), and she spent most of the night telling her friends on her “phone” what we were doing “We’re going to the little room to dress Mommy now, okay I need to go potty!”  What is it about a young child that they need to go potty as soon as you’re undressed and not able to take them?  Really?  I mean we went 4 times in less than an hour.

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10 thoughts on “Preschool Corner: North Carolina and more

  1. I'm always afraid of what might happen if I look things up too. When I made the banana bumblebees, I used a choc-hazelnut spread from Whole Foods called Cocoa-Hazel. I tried to link to it, but when I googled Cocoa-Hazel, yikes, you don't even want to know what I found. I couldn't close my browser fast enough!

  2. Ooh, I am hoping that you will go with fireworks 🙂 Too funny about your Princess and the potty. It doesn't happen a lot here, because Anna usually prefers to do her business at home. Oh, yeah, and I don't go clothes shopping 🙂

  3. Boy wouldn't want to see you on the government watch list, but still that would be cool to find out how to make fireworks. I would probably stick with tea myself though.

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