I just searched for 10 minutes to find my camera so you could see a decent shot of what I got.  The picture with my cell phone was not cutting it.  I finally found it in the middle of the game room.  I’d love to blame the kids, but I’m fairly sure I left it there after cutting out the boys’ cowboy vests to sew.
So, without further ado, here’s what I got:
027Isn’t it cute?  I have practically nothing girly in my house.  I don’t have  a girly girl daughter, and as you might have guessed I’m not all that much of a girly girl, and the lamp was just way too cute.  And as you can guess Princess loves it.  Okay, I love it too.  It’s pretty.

And working with CSN stores was great, I think after I finally decided I got it in less than a week, and they have pretty much everything you could ever want in one of their stores somewhere.  I’ve been kind of amazed at the different things they have a separate store for.

Now, here’s where it gets good for you, you get to choose anything from their stores, up to $30.

Here’s my suggestions of where to check out, if you want something for your kids go to All Children’s Furniture,  lots of fun toys there.  If you enjoy cooking I’d suggest going to Cookware or Cutting Boards.  Oh, I just noticed their toys and games section.  But,  really choose anything and you’re getting a great deal.

How to enter:
MANDATORY: go to one of their sites and choose what you would pick.

1.  Be a follower, 2 entries. Put it as : Follow entry 1.  Follow entry 2.
2.  For each Science Sunday post you’ve linked up put in an entry.  Put in separate comments for each one: Science Sunday 1, etc…..  And yes this could add up to a lot of entries.
3.  Send my kids a post card from your state, this is worth three entries because I have three kids, and they get sad if they don’t each get one.  Put it down as Post card 1, Post Card 2, Post card 3 (and obviously I’ll email you with my address), and if you’ve already sent them one, obviously put it down.

That’s all the ways, but if you’ve been participating every week like Julie from Just Playin’ Around you could have quite a few entries…….  Good luck!

Oh, and sadly this is US and Canada only.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES AT THE END OF APRIL, so APRIL 30 to give everyone more time to write posts or find postcards.
LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO: I was not paid for this review.  I was given an item to review in exchange for my review and to be able to host a giveaway.  This did not influence my opinion.

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