Winner: Jump Start

Courtesy of Comment 9:

Swati said…
Forget about the behind the scenes stuff, look what I found – cool ideas for fooling your own kids tomorrow. Some great folks there it seems!

Also, for your games for kids – have you tried my blog? It used to be “Hello, Net Baby!”, and now is “Of mice and keys” – both are functioning. I post about sites for kids – games, stories and so on. I haven’t ever featured any site particularly for boys, but perhaps you can still find something for them? Will also try to fish up some truly boy games to post soon 🙂

I’ve commented on her blog and she has 48 hours to respond, if not I’ll pick a new winner.

3 thoughts on “Winner: Jump Start

  1. Looks like you had a fun filled Easter. The photo with the blue dye dribbling down your son's arms shows just how much fun he was having. We didn't get to dying our eggs this year! We also didn't do our Easter egg hunt – Taleea had other plans for our Easter Sunday and we are beyond thrilled that she did!

    Whenever we do any sort of hunt my children are the same. I think the treasure is in an obvious place, but they search high and low and often need hints to find it. Such a joy to watch see how excited they get.

    Thank you so much for your well wishes for the arrival of Taleea.

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