Easter Eggs and the like

Okay, so it’s over a week after Easter, but I try really hard to do no more than one post a day, so this is when I’m scheduling our Easter pictures.  Go figure, I’m weird.

Well, as seems to be usual for me, I suddenly realized on Saturday we hadn’t dyed the Easter eggs I bought, and if I wanted to get that done we better get going……..

004 006

It’s probably just as well I hadn’t planned this big huge block of time to do it, because my kids were more of the dunk and I’m done type than take lots of time to get it just right.  So, in five minutes they’d dyed most of the eggs.  As you can see Princess was more of the assembly line type.  The boys were quite busy dropping theirs in and arguing over who did what.  I had to hurry and get the stickers I was going to let them put on the eggs before they dyed them because by the time I came down with the stickers they already had a bunch of the eggs dyed.

009 008

Ultimately it deteriorated down to Batman trying to dye his hands.  That’s when I kicked them all upstairs and had them take baths.  I’d show you the super cute picture of the boys in the bubble bath, but that’s kind of crossing the line.


They were so funny  running around trying to find the eggs.  We had placed them mostly in what I thought was fairly obvious places, but we still had to give hints.  Still, it was a blast.

014 018 028

It really cracked me up how we could say “look up,” and they’d still miss the rather obvious egg or toy.  I tried really hard to not overbuy this year, and did good for the most part.  They each got a stuffed animal, and some candy, which they’ve amusingly enough been sharing between them.

023 027

I was so proud to see them happily sharing eggs, and pointing out to their brother or sister where their favorite color eggs were.  Really, you couldn’t ask for a much more precious thing to happen.

After the hunt we had lunch with my Mom and her fiancee, my brother and his wife, but no pictures of that.  We had the oh so not traditional Easter meal of fajitas.  Afterwards Princess fell asleep on the couch, but I’m still waiting to get that picture emailed to me, hint hint………

007 Oh, and a few days later the kids finally got to play with their confetti eggs, which Princess of course then dumped on herself.  She doesn’t quite have the idea down yet…..  Still, is that not an adorable picture?

Stay tuned, lots of bluebonnet pictures to come soon.

7 thoughts on “Easter Eggs and the like

  1. That picture of Princess with confetti is super cute.

    Sounds like you had quite the egg-dying adventure! My kids are the same way with finding eggs. And I'm like you where I only do one post per day. No reason, it's just my “rule”.

  2. I am really trying to do one post a day too unless I throw some sort of “bloggers unite” post about giveaways or awards in. Great Easter pictures – the last one of Princess is super cute. It's great that they were sharing so well!

  3. I finally found a system that seems to be working well for a post a day, but even with that when there is something special, it becomes a little tricky.

    Great Easter pictures. Princess looks so cute in that last picture.

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