Science Sunday: Eggs


There have been a lot of posts flying around about egg experiments lately, or at least I’ve noted a few:
Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn did an egg experiment this fall when they learned about E.
Our Homeschool Fun read some egg books.

Joyful Learner did an experiment with eggs floating (which is what I did).
I could have sworn I’d noticed a bunch more, but apparently I didn’t actually clip them to Evernote like I thought I did.  Or I tagged them with some strange mystery tag I don’t remember.
Our supplies: eggs (both raw and hard-boiled), water, measuring cups, and salt (a lot of salt).

Hypothesis: that if we add enough salt to the water the eggs will float.  We think it will take 8 spoonfuls for the egg to float.  Of course at first their hypothesis was that the eggs would change color in the water.


We started off slowly adding a spoonful at a time, or I should say the boys were all set to dump in the whole container of salt, which they kept calling sugar.  Then they would taste it say “It tastes like salt, I like this sugar.”

By the time the eggs would finally float the water was pretty cloudy.  Hence, why you’re not getting any pictures of the floating eggs.  You couldn’t really see them super well.
But, we discovered it took 12 spoonfuls of salt (admittedly most of those spoonfuls were rather small) for both of the eggs to float.  I was thinking the hard-boiled egg would take less, but it didn’t, so that surprised me.
066 Now we get to where the kids took over the experiment.  In the Reading Rainbow Superman checked out from the library they made cars and buckled the eggs into them to see if they could keep the egg safe.  So, the boys happily started making their very own cars to do this.

Now, if that had been a less controlled crash that egg would have splattered, but you notice how very carefully he crashed his car into the sofa.
071  069 070
After all of this, they had to try a hard-boiled egg.  It was not wildly popular, and I then got requests/demands for some scrambled eggs, which is more what they’re used to.

So, Superman quite happily helped me scramble some eggs.  And just for my memory, in the pictures above it is Batman in the middle picture shelling the egg, and Superman on the right picture happily “making his egg big.”

So, what did you guys do this week?  Did anyone else do egg experiments?  I know it’s the week after Easter, but hey I just wasn’t organized.  I seem to every holiday do a lot of the holiday related stuff after the holiday.  Oh well, it’s working for us.
We’re gonna try a Blog Hop this week, because in some ways I think they work better for all of us to get more traffic because the other links are right there at the bottom of your own post.  Let me know if you like it.

For those of you who aren’t sure how to do the blog hop, you click on the button saying “get the code,” and copy the code, then you paste it into your post, it’s best at the bottom, but you choose. This will then have the linky at the bottom of your post.

MckLinky Blog Hop

11 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Eggs

  1. Hmmm…I'm really going to have to figure out the whole blog hop thing, one of these days.

    Love – the picture of the kids trying the boiled eggs – mine won't go near them 🙂

    Have you tried sqeezing an egg to see if you can crack it in the palm of your hand? That's always fun!

  2. It's kind of cool that you did the same experiment! Part of experimental science is to know if you can replicate the results. If I had to do the experiment again, I would use less water and see what happens. And ideally, you are suppose to use the same egg and test it out raw and hard boiled which we didn't do. I just assumed all the eggs were about the same but maybe not?

    I'm going to try the handwashing experiement you mentioned and post it to blog hop. I like blog hops because you can bounce around but it only works if everyone adds the links correctly.

    I look forward to Science Sunday the most! 🙂

  3. It looks like a great experiment and super fun.
    I'm new on blog hops. I've listed my link below, but I'm not sure how to post the hop on my blog. Could you tell me? Thanks!

  4. Eggs are so fun and easy to experiment with. Looks like you all had a great time.

    I doubt we will have any science this week, unless I can figure out how to explain to Selena why the Mountain kept disapearing yesterday. LOL

  5. I tried to post the blog hop too, you're right Tricia…something's not working.
    The critter boxes are great. Critters were coming home in pockets! Now at least he has a place to safely put them for a short while.

  6. Great egg-speriment. Please tell me I'm not the only nerd who tried that in your comment section. Looks like a good lesson. I have that same issue with Evernote…not being able to remember where I tagged something at even though at the time it seemed like perfect sense.

  7. I am going to try the egg experiment next week, because we are going to do Israel for geography hop, and this would explain Dead Sea so well. Hopefully I'll get a bit better with my science now when in-laws went home. I love how the boys extended an experiment into driving eggs – what a neat way to connect what they've seen to what they are doing.

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