What we read the week of April something to something

Wonderfully original title I know, but I was feeling lazy.  And I know we read lots more books, but these are the ones I particularly remember.


Boa Constrictors– to continue my kids obsession with all things animal.  This one was okay, but not AMAZING.  But, my boys thought it was the coolest thing in the world that the snake could swallow a rabbit whole.  Yes, they’re definitely boys.


Two Bear Cubs– I thought they weren’t super interested in this, but then they wanted to read it again.  The two bear cubs are playing in the river, and are having fun when they fall asleep on a rock that grows into a mountain.  Mother Bear searches all over for them and gathers other animals to help her look.  And, in case you’re wondering we read this as part of our study in California.  I hadn’t realized El Capitain was in California, I always thought it was in New Mexico.  Well, now I know better.  As a side note, this would be a super fun book to act out if you had a larger group of kids and a playscape.

Sea Elf– This is about sea otters, who I always think are cute and fascinating.  I find it interesting that they hammer a shell open to get at the meat inside.  My kids enjoyed it, but were a little confused by the idea of you laying in bed and then becoming the sea otter.  The method of transformation was confusing, not that you were.


Butterfly Fever, this was the subject of our start last week, but they’ve kept it hidden in their rooms with the boys taking turns “reading” it.  Very cute story.


Poison Dart Frogs– have I mentioned my boys liking things that are gross?  Well this is a series of books aimed at that concept.  And it fits in well with their other obsession, animals.


Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs– this is another one that has been the subject of many fights over who gets to take it to bed.  My kids go on Berenstain Bear kicks and then everyone wants to have all of the books in their room.  And apparently it’s time for another round.


Well, that’s what I remember of what we’ve read.  This is the downside of writing my post after I’ve taken them back to the library, I don’t always remember everything.


Now head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to find out about other great books!

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10 thoughts on “What we read the week of April something to something

  1. You guys read so many great nonfiction books. We def. need to read some more of them. We have a few and Drew always loves them. And I love your title by the way, something to something.

  2. The bear cubs book sounds like something JC would be interested in as she likes anything furry and cute.

    As for the math posts, if I didn't schedule it every Monday's, I would skip it for weeks! There's just so many other things I need to get to…art being one of them. I guess geography and science have gotten more attention for us.

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