They’re awesome this year!  I am proud to say I have not yet crashed the car into anything looking at them.  We’ve made a couple of separate trips to find bluebonnets, and had a blast doing so.  It’s been wonderful.
037 036
This first set is pulled over on the side of the road near my house.  I was having all sorts of fun trying to make sure I didn’t get the fence in the background too much or the cars, and trying to keep the kids from picking any or running too much into the street.

Batman declared this is his favorite.


I let Batman pick this one flower, because it’s hard to constantly say no, but I want them to learn they can’t pick other people’s flowers, or flowers on the side of the road, because if we all picked just one, then there would be none left for everyone to enjoy and say “how butiful,” I just love when my kids say that.

050 053 062067
I have to admit, bluebonnets are a large part of what I love about Texas.
031 033036 062
This second set is my kids in their outfits for my Mom’s wedding.  Can you tell it’s a country themed wedding?  These flowers are out in front of my Mom’s church, where she works and attends.
038 037
Then I did some of each kid by themselves.  So, obviously this is Princess.  The boys get a bit harder.
043 042
This is Batman.  His belt wasn’t falling down, that’s the way I’m telling them apart right now, for these pictures.  Eventually I had to take off poor Superman’s holsters, but he still played with the guns.
046 045
Superman wouldn’t cooperate and go sit by himself over in the flowers, he was too worried about dropping his guns and losing them, but he’d sit over here.  You know, the place with almost no flowers.
048 047
Princess already got a close-up, but she’s too cute not to include these pictures.
I mean how can you not be happy looking at that?  Isn’t it gorgeous?

14 thoughts on “Bluebonnets!

  1. Amazing!

    The pictures of the kids are cute. So, your mom is getting married? Congrats. What are you doing with the pics – displaying them or using them in a slide show or something?

  2. Stunning pictures! I've been to Texas a bunch of times to visit my husband's family, but last year was the first time I saw bluebonnets – loved them!

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