Butterfly Gardens

I finally dug this out of the boys’ cave.  It was hiding under Superman’s bed under a pile of about 5 more books.  This would be why I don’t let them take library books to their room.
This is the story of a girl who moves from Oregon to Melville, California.  There everyone has butterfly fever because the butterflies always come to this town to stay for the winter.  While she’s there for the school year she learns all about Monarch butterflies, who ironically are not the state insect of California, but the dogface butterfly is.  This is where all of the great science information comes in, including things I didn’t know.

Well, from this, what else could we do, but make a butterfly?

First, I cut out a butterfly shape from two file folders, one inside the other.  Do you know how many pictures it took for Superman to get one that was at all presentable?  I’m sorry, but you’re not getting a close-up of my stomach.

054  053
Now take a picture of your brother wearing it like a wrestling mask.

Now, head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and paint your butterfly shapes black.  You want to paint the outside of one of the folders, and the inside of the matching folders.  This ensures that when you glue it together the holes will mostly match up.


Take a break from painting to dance a little.  Explain this is how you fly like a butterfly.


Grab some orange tissue paper and glue it between the two file folders.  I figured out after the first one that glue works much better than a gluestick.
Then cut around the outside and trim away the extra paper.  And then fly your butterflies.

004Incidentally, I have a request to make it so they can wear them.  Actually, the specific request was to glue it to his shirt.

Ticia butterfly parade And here I am, at my Butterfly Parade in second grade.  The kids are absolutely fascinated by these pictures.

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22 thoughts on “Butterfly Gardens

  1. Wow this is a great project, I absolutely love how they turned out, but wasn't your hand sore from cutting out all those thick file folders? Bet the sun shining through is so pretty. And you were pretty darn cute as a butterfly yourself!

  2. Emma loves to fly like a butterfly like that!

    Your butterfly wings look great, and I agree with your kids that your second grade butterfly parade picture is pretty cool!

  3. Oh, I really like these! I think we are going to have to make these. I can just see my little ones flying around the house being quiet little butterflies. Wait, reality check. I can see them screaming through the house trying to rip off each others' wings. TomAto, tomato. 🙂

  4. These are awesome!! I totally need to do this with Emily she would have so much fun making it and flying it around the yard pretending to be a butterfly. I love the picture of you cutting out the butterflies, I have some interesting pictures that Emily has taken of me too :0)

    It is really cool that you had a picture of yourself as a butterfly from second grade. I think Emily would like a costume like that too!

    Thank you for linking up to stART and sharing this creative idea with us :0)

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