Science Sunday: bird watching

002This week we had a playdate with our MOPS group from church at the park.  Wow, that sentence seems like quite the mouthful.  Well, after everyone had left and my kids were busying trying to stuff the ducks, we started to notice there were different ducks.



009Sorry, that’s the best picture of them that I could find.  This led to a lot of questions.  What do ducks eat, where do ducks live, on and on and on…….  I had just found this cool set of books at Half Price Books called “Birds of America, Red book,” there was a whole series of different colored bird books, and each different color covered a different type of bird.  Woodland, water…….  you get the idea. 

So, I set each kid up with a book, and set them looking through to find the ducks.  I knew that only one of them would be successful, but it gave them all a chance to look.  They happily looked through their books and discovered there are a lot of different types of birds.  There was also a lot of excited exclamations as they found birds they were familiar with.  Sigh, I thought I had some cute pictures taken with my phone of this, but no…….  I do have pictures of my flower ring.  What else am I to do with the 20 million “flowers” they gave me?


Their Nana, the bird watcher would be so proud.

Does anyone have fun things they do for nature walks?  I know Julie, over at Just Playin’ Around came up with some great ideas she posted last week.

9 thoughts on “Science Sunday: bird watching

  1. Fun! We do a lot of bird watching from our back window. And my kids loved seeing the ducks, geese and swan on our nature walk last week! I love the flower rings! Cute.

  2. The last time we went for a walk we took our camera and took photos of birds, then we went home and looked them up online. I should really find a book on birds for us though. I think if we do this enough and get a bunch of photos we'll make a scrapbook with facts about the birds.

  3. Isn't picture taking just frustrating sometimes? My problem is that I have lost memory cards…entire holidays and birthday parties…poof! Vanished into thin air (or, as most likely is the case, our dogs have found them and they have been chewed up into a million little bits)!

    (I posted something “old” from my blog since you asked about nature walk ideas- I would LOVE someone else to “complete” the alphabet for me!) ;0)

  4. I prefer to view nature from the car :), but that has a lot to do with the fact that so much of it has teeth – bears, mountain lions, wolves, and moose(okay, the moose don't really bite, so much as stomp, and kick, but still). And, last year on one of our few nature walks, we came home with a tick – YUCK!!!

  5. Funny, our JC did a bit of bird watching this weekend except it was at the toy store while I was shopping for a new bike. She was lining them up in rows, matching them and I was looking up their names in their catalog. We may do actual bird watching one of these days.

  6. We are so excited. Here in NY we have cardinals. Back in MN the only get as far west as the Twin Cities. We love seeing them. You should start check lists for which birds you guys see.

  7. We do a lot of nature walks in the neighborhood – Anna is still in “collecting anything and everything” stage. Usually all that she collects is supposed to be food for her kitty, but we also talk about where this object came from. Birds/Trees are hard for me. Many of them are non-native to where I grew up, and I have no idea of how they are called in English. But with many books that we read I am slowly learning 🙂

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