Geography: Wisconsin and CHEESE!

It’s CHEESE Grommit!  Cheese!
So, did you know Wisconsin makes cheese?  My kids are very aware of this and somewhat obsessed with cheese, so as one of our final activities for Wisconsin we made a pizza.
more cheese please
This book goes through step by step how the milk goes from being milk to cheese, and even includes some fun scientific facts (which is going to be a science experiment soon enough). (click on the picture to order the book).
At the back of the book is a recipe for making your own homemade pizza.  The kids were very excited about this, and they were also excited they had friends coming to spend the night, so we made this for our friends.
Superman was quite kind enough to roll it out for me.  I would finish it off.  I never quite figured out how to roll it quite circular or rectangular.  I also had it crust up a little while it was rising, so I have a few kinks to work out.
But, we doubled the recipe in the back of the book, and ended up with enough to make two meals for us.  The first meal fed my family plus three more kids.  The second meal was me, the kids, and Aunt Tara.
 038 040
And look, you get to see a rare picture of me on the blog.  It’s a rare Ticia sighting!
In about a week or so, I’ll be posting the picture of the lapbook I’ll put together for them.  It seems to take me about a week or two after we’ve finished studying to put it together.  So, you’ll have to wait and see what it ends up looking like.  So will I because I really have no clue.
For more great geography ideas go check out Debbie’s blog over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.

11 thoughts on “Geography: Wisconsin and CHEESE!

  1. Hooray for a Ticia sighting! I love the aroma that comes from a home made pizza cooking away – yummo.

    I look forward to seeing your lapbook. I think half the fun is making it up as you go. Sometimes I have an idea and am not exactly sure how to execute it, then bit by bit it comes together. I hope your lap book ideas fall easily into place for you.

    You guys had so much fun making your leprachaun traps. It was neat how you encouraged your children to think about the process and justify their decisions. I loved reading about their reasoning and their ideas.

  2. I keep saying I need to make homemade pizza, I wonder if Selena would eat it though. She doesn't like pizza. Silly child! Great study on Wisconsin!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my France post. My son was very happy that you liked his painting! We're doing US geography next year, so I'll have to come back to your post when we go over Wisconsin–looks fun!

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