What we read this week, a bit of a surprise to me

Well, usually I’d do a carousel here, but it looks like most of the books I want to spotlight aren’t there.  So, I’ll just do the ones that caught me by surprise because I had to read them each about 10 times, and I only exaggerate a little.


Happy as a Tapir-This is a strange little zoo where the animals at night take off their animals suits and talk with their friends, twice  a year they trade suits.  The little guy who is the tapir isn’t allowed to trade yet.  And, therein lies the problem, and he comes up with a solution, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is.  I swear this week I’ve read this book to them 10 times.  3 times in a row the first time we read it.  I am rather tired of this book, and I think the other “animals” were kind of mean to him, and I thought it was odd, but my kids LOVE this book.  Seriously, I’ve read it to them more times than I can count.


Up and Down the Andes– Is a story about the Festival of the Sun God in Peru and how everyone is gathering for it.  I loved the pictures, and I’m trying to think of how we could do a cool project to go with it.  I”m thinking some kind of crayon resist.  Again, we read this one two times in a row.


Deer in the Woods– I randomly had Batman insist I had to read this one to them again, and then he wanted to take it to bed with him.  This is unusual because he usually wants Scooby Doo for his bedtime book.  So, I was pleasantly surprised by that one.


Cassio’s Day–  The day in the life of a Brazilian kid.  Okay, so I have this dilemma, and I’m trying to figure it out.  In the book they would put in lots of words in Portuguese (I’m remembering correctly, that Brazil speaks Portuguese right?), and I was kind of frustrated by it because they weren’t always translating what it was so I was having to guess what it was, and all in all it just felt awkward.  So, does anyone know of some good day in the life books for different countries?  Honestly my kids had very little interest in this, but they’re more into animals.

6 thoughts on “What we read this week, a bit of a surprise to me

  1. Sounds like you found some good books. I love how your kids do like Selena, wanting them read again and again. Selena tries to sneak her library books to bed too, but she is only allowed to take her own books with her.

  2. I really like the Little House picture books. We have several, plus several more of the easier chapter versions. I think F & I are going to start reading the real series out loud soon.

  3. I tried several of non-fiction “day in life” books with very little success. Sometimes I stumble upon something good for a particular location, but it's more by accident. Your other choices are great too – we also brought some zoo books from the library today.

  4. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any good “day in the life books”, hopefully someone in the blogosphere will have an idea to share.

    I enjoyed learning about these animal and geography books.

    We have had a few mornings lately where painting has turned into me scrubbing the bathtub too – ahhh the true joys of creating!!

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