Geography: Texas lapbook, and introducing our new travels….

So, first I wanted to show off our Texas lapbook, which I finally got all put together…….

Obviously, this is the cover.  The kids are going to be putting stickers all over it once I let them out from their “nap” (hey, how else am I supposed to get some time on the computer?).  The die cuts were very nicely provided by Amber from Refined Metals Academy.

This is the inside.  I’m a beginning lapbooker, so I didn’t try any of that fancy folding stuff.  This still looks just like a normal file folder.  Honestly, as much as I love the look of them and think they’re so cool, I’m guessing I probably won’t do super  a lot of these.  We’ll see how the kids like it.  So, what’s here:
Top: envelope containing our Bluebonnet paintings.  Go here to see the post on it.
Middle: map of the United States with Texas colored (by the way that site has a lot of awesome maps!, I’ve linked to the general page so you can check it out, thanks Debbie for pointing me to it).
Bottom: armadillo book, I’m liking how these turned out, so you’re probably going to see a lot of these.  That, and the kids like them.
Top is the symbols of Texas booklet.  I got the images for it from the Texas Parks and Wildlife site.  On it is every imaginable symbol for the state of Texas in a nice picture you could color.  Sadly, when I did this my kids weren’t interested in coloring and I think each picture got on scribble on it……  It’s sad.
And on the bottom is the postcards from Texas I’ve gotten from the Postcard Exchange, that Debbie over from Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn sponsored.

** Tumbleweed Stew I’m actually saving for either New Mexico or Arizona, but it could also be used for Texas.
Well, I had a silly comment here about my pictures loading, but I deleted it, so you’ll have to wonder what I said.
We’ve started South America.  I showed the kids our “Great Picture Atlas for Children” from Ikea, and asked where they wanted to learn about next, and that’s where they chose.  So, that’s where I got books for.
Here’s our books so far:

Huh, I forgot to go over to the source page and it still added in just fine.  Hmmm, live and learn.
Most of these I haven’t read yet.  We’re in progress, but I’ve discovered that a lot of the animals my kids absolutely love are from South America.  So far the first book we read that could have inspired an art project didn’t quite work out.
Well, I was going to tell you about our Wisconsin books and stuff, but……  Kids have woken up.  So, you’ll have to sit in suspense.  Apparently our house isn’t interesting enough.  They want to go to Mimi’s house NOW!  Actually they wanted to go there the second they woke up this morning (I”m writing this on Friday, and they’re staying the night with Mimi, score!)

12 thoughts on “Geography: Texas lapbook, and introducing our new travels….

  1. We are just playing around with around with notebooking & lapbooking.

    I am not sure if we will continue. But for the moment it seems to be cementing some things for him.

    Right now we are working on Aesops Fables.

    Great Job !!!

  2. It looks like a nice lap book to me. I considered doing lap books then decided the folder and scrapbook better fit our home and my time! Great study on Texas.

    Thank you for joining us again this week.

  3. Nice Texas book! I was contemplating to do folders for our country hops and then recalled just in time our previous coloring flops. Still – it's nice to keep everything in one place.
    And thanks for all the rainforest books. We might revisit it again soon and then maybe we will focus more on animals.

  4. I think other people's lapbooks look awesome, but I can't imagine ever finishing one myself.

    So, what are you and hubby going to do tonight without the kids to keep you occupied?

  5. Nice lapbook and study. When we studied the states, I sent for the free travel guides each state offers on their official website. That way the kids can cut out pictures and add to their books and kind of get a feel for what's in each state.

  6. REALLY COOL Texas Lapbook! I admit, we haven't done any yet. They appeal to me yet something about them makes me a bit nervous to get started. I really like the Texas one!! I like the idea of making a bunch and I know the kids would want to go and look at them over and over.

    Great job kids!

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