Art Box: playing with their food

So, I got out this box of skewers to make some kabobs for Jeff.  The boys were absolutely fascinated by this and wanted their food on the skewers too.  Now this didn’t last long.  Here’s what Batman very quickly did:
001 002
Sorry, I was wrong I think that first picture is Superman.  But, regardless the second picture is definitely Batman.  Hmmmm, while it looks like Superman in that first picture, I’m fairly sure we only have one shirt in that color.
He took about six skewers, a banana peel, some olives, and cheese cubes and created this monster.  The monster then proceeded to destroy downtown Austin, oh wait that’s just my interpretation.
Hmmmm……  I know there was a whole slew more creations being made this week, but I think some masked bandit has destroyed them.
Head on over to Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep for more great art box ideas!

5 thoughts on “Art Box: playing with their food

  1. Okay, took me a second to remember why you were confusing the boys, I know, I know, twins! My dh has twins with his ex and I love hearing stories of when they were younger. They are fraternal, but they look so much alike, I'm sure even more so when they were babies.
    Got your comment on my blog, thought it was so cute. I myself end up turning my sound off or pausing my music every so often, it gets repetitive to me after a while as I only have 8 songs on my playlist.

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