Mommy pictures of my boys’ birthday

Yesterday I posted a quick tutorial of how to host a pirate party.  Now I give you my memories of the day, or I should say days.  We started out their celebration on their birthday on Thursday and it lasted until Saturday.

003 Poor Superman was sick on his birthday, so we spent the day at home with a nice warm fire, that wasn’t really neccessary, but it made him feel better.

While poor Superman lounged on the couch and produced copious amounts of laundry for me to do, Batman and Princess came over and made a mess helped me with the cake.



And of course Batman licked the bowl clean afterwards.  I didn’t quite trust his cleaning skills, so it still went in the dishwasher.


Princess kindly iced the cake.  I took one of the cakes I made that day over to small group, and the other one stayed home with us.


I just think this picture looks cool.

And yes, Batman is wearing his collared shirt backwards.  Sigh, what can you do?



We could tell Superman still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent because he didn’t even eat the cake.  It was really rather sad.

The next day they opened presents.  I have a hard enough time getting the boy to stay laying down when he’s sick, if I’d added in any presents the boy would have been jumping off the walls.  We also went to the grape place, also known as Olive Garden, and Superman happily ate his Daddy soup.  I think it was the first solid food he’d eaten in over a day.


Princess sleeping at Olive Garden.  She’ll do this.  She’ll insist she doesn’t need a nap, and go and go and go, and then she’ll fall asleep in the car, and not wake up.


Can you guess what the boys got that night?  We found some cool wind up flashlights at Academy, no worrying about batteries wearing down.


So, the party…..  It was a blast.  As always I wasn’t quite as organized as I’d like to be, but I just need to realize organization is not my strong suit.

030 036 038 052

The treasure hunt was an unmitigated success.  The pinata afterwards was more or less successful, but it did take them a while to whack it down.  But, man they did have fun.  We did have to do a lot of herding the cats, I mean kids.  It’s a lot like herding cats.  Apparently preschoolers have this secret death wish to be hit by a wooden stick…….


057In real life that  yellow looked a lot more like sand.  The island was made by taking the part you cut off when you’re leveling the cake (from one of the earlier cakes) and putting it on top of the blue frosting.  It was a WILD success!







085They happily tore through their presents and were barely restrained from opening them right then and there.  Family stayed after and we had a fun night of eating fondue, with lots and lots of fondue pots.  At the end I had 3 very tired kids…..

And a tired Daddy…….

And hopefully I’ll get a chance to write the rest of my posts for this week sometime soon.  I hate the weeks where my schedule is thrown off and I’m writing it all piecemeal like this.  I feel rather harried and scattered.  Oh well, small price to pay for fun memories like this.

8 thoughts on “Mommy pictures of my boys’ birthday

  1. Looks like an awesome party! Thanks for the ideas – we, too, are having a pirate party, because Crumpet has been planning the event for a year. We did a scavenger hunt last year, and it was a huge success. The kids loved it and still talk about it. So we'll be doing it again!

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