Preschool Week in Review: we did stuff, honest

So, I did enough stuff to have lots of posts, but in all honesty it’s still getting back on track at our house.  Now, what did we do this week, I mean month?
I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not quite working with the phonics I was using, so I’m doing a combination of Progressive Phonics and the Decodable readers from reading a to z.  My kids, the boys especially, had figured out that if they just guessed through the words they could eventually find the one that fit.  That and they took great delight in using nonsense words and then laughing.  This seems to be working and before they can move on to the next book they have to read it to their Dad.  They sometimes like to do that……
We are visiting the library about once a week, and the kids have lots of fun picking out random books.  That and using the security scanner at the entrance to the library as a drive through window.  “Would you like a Sprite with fries, a toy, and chicken nuggets?”

While I work with the boys on their reading, Princess happily sits off by herself and calls all the sounds in the words, but doesn’t actually blend them together, she’s very proud of herself.  When she’s done she declares “I read it!”

We’ve continued with Math U See.  The kids are loving it, and I’ve figur004ed out it works best to have them all do it at the same time.  Then I help whoever needs it, but it’s not as frustrating for everyone as when I do it one on one.  We’re going to be starting numbers bigger than 10 next week, so it’s going to be fun to see how this goes.
And the picture really has nothing to do with the text, I just think it’s cute.  The boys are on a big hugging kick.  Batman loves to say “I love my brother with all my heart.  I love everybody.”  How do you not melt when they say that?


002 It’s been a busy month for us in that respect.  We’ve learned a lot about Texas.  First we learned about the city we live in.
Oh hey, the room is spinning.  You know, I think I”m coming down with whatever it is Superman has.  Poor boy is sick on his birthday.
Okay, room stopped spinning.  We also learned about why Texas has bluebonnets (that’s the picture, Princess is painting her bluebonnet blob).  Then we learned about Indian Paintbrushes, and discovered that flowers are not easy to paint with.  Go figure.089
We learned about Pecos Bill, and right now we’re learning about the wonderful native Texas armadillo, who dug a hole under our fence.  Superman is convinced this is another armadillo hole.  He was not willing to listen to my explanation that it is really a hole for the water to go through so our back yard doesn’t flood.  In case you’re wondering the hole does not work.  Wow, I just spent five minutes looking for that post.  I was sure it happened in August not October.
We’ve also been learning about Australia, thanks to a book I got to review for the TOS Homeschool tryouts.  Rather than link to all the posts individually, I’ll just send you over to see what all we found out about Australia.  We’ve had a blast and the kids have learned about all sorts of animals.

Ummm…  I’ll come back to writing this post.  Batman has woken up and wants to fight bad guys on my computer.
Bad guys have been defeated.  So, we did stuff.  NO, really.  Ummm, we observed the different ways ice melted.  Did you know ice melts fastest in hot water?  Oh, you did.  Well, then did you know that kangaroos can jump up to 30 feet?  We however can not, and despite my kids’ predictions they can not jump 50 feet.  Or whatever the length of my driveway plus some is.

Life Skills and Life in General
Sam fighting kid Truthfully, this is where the bulk of our learning has come into play this month.  Obviously, part of has been in talking about death, and why people die.  I’ve been explaining to my kids that God can heal people, but some people He chooses to heal in heaven and some He heals here.  Uncle Sam is up in heaven now, and we’ll see him again someday.  There’s been a lot of playacting about death as you can imagine.  Ummm…..  I’ve been a ghost, but Daddy gets to go to heaven.  It’s a little disturbing sometimes.
I made the mistake of letting the boys each create a character to play on World of Warcraft…..  Now, they want to play on the computer all the time.   The benefit?  They’re really good at finding the numbers between 1 and 5 because that’s the numbers they need right now to play the game.
We got to see real snow, and yes I know those of you in the North do not consider snow that’s gone in less than a day to be real snow, but for us it is.  That was a bad run-on sentence…. Oh well.  Batman really loved playing out there and was very happy I came out with him.  Mainly so he had someone to throw snowballs at.

Princess learned how to brush my hair.  That was painful.  Very very painful.  Okay, painful is an understatement.  It hurt a lot.  Tara kept telling me to stop wincing for the picture.  You try not to wince when a 3 year old is doing your hair.
And being the mean Mommy that I am, I have taught my kids how to make their own sandwiches, grate cheese, and peel potatoes.  That last one resulted in a slightly bloody knuckle.
018 014 015
I am a mean Mommy.  Very mean.  I now make the boys make their sandwiches in the morning for breakfast, rather than me.  Mwa ha ha ha ha……  I am EVIL!
Oh, sorry, don’t know what got a hold of me there.  Probably intense sleep deprivation.  Did I mention Superman is sick on his birthday today?  And as a result I had to do a very thorough cleaning of our bathroom, and you didn’t want to know that.
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6 thoughts on “Preschool Week in Review: we did stuff, honest

  1. Oh, get better. I think we're about to get the plague here too – my niece had it this week, and my world seems to be spinning a bit here too. I love that you make them make your own sandwiches. Crumpet is starting to ask to do everything himself, and my answer is “go for it!”. So far, no blood, but I'm sure it's coming! We've started trying something new for reading too. I'd like to master some words and then go back to Progressive Phonics later. I'll post about our new plan soon, if it works. Somehow, I have to figure out how to peel Crumpet off the ceiling and get him to look at the letters…

  2. My favorite part of your month? The drive thru window at the library…which is giving me a craving for the smell of old books and salty french fries…

    (Oh, and I am NOT pregnant!)

  3. I enjoy reading about how you cater to the boys and Princess when it comes to reading and Maths. We are just starting to do some letter recognition here, usually I set up something for Blakie to do, but his prefernce is always to do what his big sister is doing and this doesn't work when Savvy is trying to concentrate.

    The birthday post you wrote to your boys is such a beautiful account of their lives. They are going to love reading this and checking out the photos when they are older.

  4. I hope you all get feeling better soon! I now have a sinus infection myself. I just love your wrap ups, they are so funny! They truly make my day!

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