Superman and Batman turn five today!

TC 34 weeks

I can’t believe my big boys are turning five today!  This is me in theory about a week before they were born, or at least that’s when it was uploaded to the computer.  If so, this must be right before I was hospitalized for high blood pressure.
You guys were so eager to be born you started trying to come out right around 24 weeks.  I went to the hospital about 5 different times for false labor, and finally they put me on anti-contraction medicine.  Then of course you decided to make me miserable by making me be on bed rest for FIVE WEEKS!  FIVE WEEKS I say!  And one week of that was in the hospital.  Do you know how hard it is to sleep when you’ve got two baby monitors attached and a monitor for contractions, and an IV port, and blood pressure cuff hooked up?
But finally you came.  The anesthesiologist had thought he was going to get a well deserved rest after helping deliver five babies, but no you were insist you were going to come that day.  First you drove my blood pressure so high the doctor was quite worried and then you decided you couldn’t wait until 4, and had to come at 12:32.
Peter TC Superman you were born first.  Followed very shortly thereafter by Batman.  Originally your names were going to be switched, but in the womb I decided Superman was definitely a Superman and not a Batman.  Superman you liked to kick me a lot.  Here you are shortly after you were born.  You couldn’t stay in the room with me the first day because I had the air conditioner up so high form my medicine.  You couldn’t hold your temperature.
Jeff & Drake Batman, you sat on your brother’s head.  I have the sonogram picture somewhere to prove it.  Even in the womb you were trying to be in charge.  I’d like to remind you that you are still not the Mommy.  But, you were and still are a sweet child.  I love your hugs and your cuddles.

For the first few months you were both in the same crib because you didn’t sleep well when separated.  This is still true to this day.  We use separation as a punishment for you, and it’s a fairly effective tools.


Being the stubborn boys that you are you refused to eat solid food or walk until you were almost 18 months.  And then while Jeff and I were out of town and your Nana and Granddad were watching you, that’s when you started walking.  Traitors.
me and twins

You were in your first wedding before you were two, and you cried your whole way down the aisle.  Batman, you’re the one with the serious look.  Superman, you’re the one crying.  You’re still touch and go on this whole going somewhere without Mom and Dad.  We’ll see how you do in a few months when you’re in your third wedding.

Bluebonnets 040507 015

You always have tried to take care of your sister whether she wanted you to or not……  Of course now it seems to be more of the “No Princess, that’s not yours” type of take care of…..  We’re working on you guys and your whole anti-girl thing.  Now in about 10 years, I want you to be anti-girl.  GIRLS bad, no dating girls.

Superman about two years ago you figured out there were these things called superheroes.  Now, this may be because we showed you Batman and Justice League cartoons nonstop, but still.  Once you did there was no going back.  Your first favorite was Superman, hence the nickname.  From there you’ve grown to love all of the Justice League, Spiderman, clone troopers (hint you might be getting a helmet), and your new favorite BLUE ARROW.  Your own invention.  Blue Arrow, as I have learned, has a plane, and he lives somewhere else.  He can shoot fire, and he shoots arrows.  He sometimes has a hat, and sometimes doesn’t.  He has a bow.  And I have to make his costume.  Oh, and Blue Arrow fights bad guys.  And Superman, “I have a plan, that sound like a good plan Mommy?”  Maybe today we will do your plan, though I can’t guarantee I’ll do your plan if it’s “let’s go get toys” or “let’s go eat ice cream at the place with the toys.”
Drake for quilt

Batman, I have to admit you’re probably nothing like your nickname.  You’re too happy.  But, he’s your first love, and he’s your baby and much chewed on doll.  Even if you may have other loves now, Green Arrow, Green Knight, Anakin, Dinosaur Train.  I love the way you say Anakin, it cracks me up.  I love to hear your stories about the different guys you have and your long complicated stories about your pictures.

I have to say, your sleeping style hasn’t changed much in five years.  Though, you have gotten sneakier about your attempts to not sleep.

Peter & Drake 3rd Birthday 003 009
Sigh, I guess you’re allowed to grow up.  I tried to convince you that you weren’t and you told me, “Mommy we have to get big.”  As Mrs Darling said, “Why can’t you always stay little?”
Happy Birthday my big boys!

21 thoughts on “Superman and Batman turn five today!

  1. OK this is truly one of the sweetest accounts of life I have every read. Your sons are BLESSED to have this to read (when they learn to, and I bet that won't take them long- *sigh*, they DO grow up so fast!).

    Happy Birthday to two of the cutest Super Heroes I have ever seen (and I should know- I AM “Wonder Mom!”)!

  2. What a lovely way to commemorate your precious boys' birthday! Wishing your boys a blessed birthday. Here is the song we sing in church:
    “A happy birthday to you
    A happy birthday to you
    Every day of the year may you feel Jesus near
    A happy birthday to you
    A happy birthday to you
    And the best year you've ever had.”

  3. That was an awesome post! Your kids are hilarious! They will love to read this in a ten years and laugh at how funny they are! Happy Birthday boys!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your boys! I also had to be on bed rest. 5 days at the hospital and 6 weeks at home. I had a Trebutaline pump in my leg and had to do Matria monitoring twice a day! I sure don't miss that!

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