stART I Love You Koala Lou

I’d seen this book a couple of places in the blog world recently, and since we’re studying Australia I thought it’d be fun to read.  As I was reading it I started thinking about how fun it would be to make a watercolor picture based on the artwork.  Of course as I was thinking this I realized I didn’t have the supplies I was thinking of that I wanted to use.  Excellent, an excuse to go to JoAnn’s…….  And then by the time we finished the story I decided on a completely different project: gold medals!
077 082 Batman and I084 085 Princess and Superman.
Super simple.  Get a piece of fun foam, cut in a circle.  Decorate, and then punch a hole and thread a ribbon through.
And, if you’re going to have a gold medal you need Olympics to go with it, so I present:
Yes, I am the crazy Mom who makes cleaning into a game.  We had the Clothes putting away race.  The pick up toys slalom.  And the horribly competitive find all the trash relay.
I present to you the winners:
Batman got a gold medal for his inspired picking up of clothes
Superman received the gold for his amazing picking up of trash, including stealing trash from my hands to be able to throw away more.
Batman squeaked ahead to get the gold for most toys put away.
And Princess, who mainly lay down and complained she was too tired, got the gold for complaining.
There you have it, our family Olympics.  It was truly awe-inspiring.
For more great story inspired ideas head over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

12 thoughts on “stART I Love You Koala Lou

  1. Great idea to make cleaning into a game evem though your daughter didn't fall for it lol. My daughter always wants to help me clean but when it comes to her toys, its a challenge. It starts out with her putting everything in the box with me but then she decides to start taking them all out again before we are done.

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