Geography and Science at the same time, can it be?

Yes, yes it can be.  How amazing is that!  We continued our discussion about Australia, we’re almost through all of the cool animals.  To continue along in our theme we made flapbooks about the different animals.  At the time I’m writing this we’ve completed three of them, but by the end of the week this is published we should have all of them done.  I hope.
Super simple to put together.  I cut out the templates and explained what each part said.  Then they cut out the pictures and glued them on.
Now, I planned on them going into a file folder and being glued there, but Batman had different ideas.  Very different ideas.  It took a lot of a gluestick to put it up there, and he wasn’t very happy with me when I took it down, but take it down I did…..

And here’s the link to the different files I used:
Kangaroo and Koala
Dingo and Tasmanian Devil
Kookaburra and Wombat
And so you can see what they look like when not added to by my son:
Australia Animals Platypus Echidna

And here’s a few great resources for whenever you reach Australia:
Elise over at Inspirations Surrounds, Creativity Abounds did an awesome unit on Australia, and she lives there to boot, so that’s even cooler!  I loved the two videos she linked on her site
Unique Australian Animals– I got a lot of the information I used for my lapbook pages from here.  Not too surprisingly there’s not a lot of books about kookaburras in Texas.  Though I do remember singing the song about them all the time.
Kookaburra – this one also has the sound of a kookaburra, which my kids found fascinating.
Our Cup of Tea– posted her unit about Australia, and she’s over in England somewhere.
Probably this coming week, or as you’re reading this I’m going to be teaching them about the flag and have the kids put together a puzzle of the different Australian states, or are they regions?
Now head over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn for more geography ideas.
And I’m going to link this up to my own Science Sunday linky because it’s also science related…….

6 thoughts on “Geography and Science at the same time, can it be?

  1. Thanks for the links! We are expecting a postcard from Australia, it will be cool to be able to share some of this info when we get the card.
    Just wanted to let you know you are one of my picks this week in my Tribe Talk.

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