Art Box and Kiddos Create

As always most of our stuff is what they did on their own.  My kids are rather creative in their own right.  Though, not always as I would want them to be……

They created a living sculpture out of their poor Aunt Tara.  You can’t really see, but tucked into her bonds are a Robin, an arrow, and a few other toys.
They created snowmen.  Complete with carrots.  They 043tried to put rocks in for eyes, but that just knocked off the heads.  I kid you not.
Batman’s description: It was a shooting thing.  It’s my doll’s power.  He can shoot his batarang with it.
I just look at it and think it’s some 4 year old torture device.

So, this one was amusing to me.  It’s a workbook page Princess took and added stickers to so the balloons had faces.  I thought it was kind of original.
And here’s a few videos of my kids explaining their wonderful artwork.  They rather cracked me up.

Superman explains his artwork

One last attempt to get Batman’s rambling statement….  Poor Batman, you will never get to hear his wonderful explanation about his guy who fights bad guys and has pets.  Lots of them.

Or it’s been hiding on You Tube and I got an email it’s in there now…..

And I promise to be getting to more normal renditions of things they create, that’s more art box soon.  It’s been a crazy month, so I’ve not really set up art boxes for them.  But, I have ideas for next week.
To see more ideas head over to Mama Jenn and Tired Need Sleep.

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