Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, or painting with flowers is difficult

legend of the indian paintbrush
  The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola is a cute book about a Native American who grows up marching to the beat of a different drummer.  He doesn’t want to be a warrior, but loves pictures and doing other things.  He has a spirit journey that tells him how he will someday paint a beautiful sunset, and he searches for ages and eventually paints using Indian Paintbrushes (a type of local flower here).

So, that’s the story.  Now, can you guess what we did?
054Yep, we painted sunsets with flowers.  And, let me tell you it is not easy to paint with a flower.  The stems keep breaking and you can’t get any detail work done.  Now, I guess Indian Paintbrushes might work a little better because they are from the lupus family and are shaped rather like….. paintbrushes, you know the ones for fine details.
And all too quickly my kids got tired of painting a sunset and just decided to make brown blobs.  They had very detailed descriptions of their pictures, which of course I no longer remember…..
056This would be right before I decided to take her shirt off.  Her new thing is to put handprints on everything.
063   057
And then Batman……  That picture above is an early stage……
071And then about halfway through Princess started singing.  I tried to get a video of her singing, but then she stopped and the boys started yelling about painting their hair.  So I made an executive decision it was time for a bath!

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