Quick tip for owies…..

Man, I thought I had a picture of this……001 And I was right.

You see that green spot on his chin?  That is my secret medicine for owies that aren’t real that can’t have bandaids put on them.  My kids feel satisfied because I did put something on it, but I’m not using yet another bandaid for an imaginary injury.

Are you ready for what it is?

Make-up concealer.  Someone told me once that this green stuff is supposed to hide those bags you get under your eyes, and I was in one of those phases where I believed I might actually wear make-up.  So I bought it.  And it’s sat in my drawer for cough cough essentially unused.

But now it has a new life as “green medicine,” my husband uses the anti-itch cream in our first aid kit.  So, if Jeff puts stuff on he puts on “white medicine.”  Don’t you love our descriptive names?

For more ideas head over to We Are That Family for Works for Me Wednesday and then head over to Kim at Mom Tried It where she hosts Try and Tell on Tuesdays.  And maybe next week I’ll put the banners in to go with this…….

And by the way Kim, I’m loving LiveWriter, thanks for suggesting it.

9 thoughts on “Quick tip for owies…..

  1. What a great way to fix those imaginary boo boos! That green stuff never works, any way. It always still looks green, even with a ton of foundation over it. What a great use for it.
    Thank you so much for linking up with Try and Tell. 🙂

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