Location Today Tomorrow Tuesday
Austin, TX *

72° / 37°

57° / 38°

39° / 31°

Mckinney, TX *

57° / 33°

48° / 33°

39° / 28°

*Severe weather alert

Only in Texas do you get forecasts like this.  I mean really, today it was gorgeous, according to my husband and Superman it was shorts weather.  And then on Tuesday high of 39 and low of 31 with chance of snow……..

I remember a time a few years ago having 90 degree weather the week after Christmas and then two days later having snow.

CRAZY man CRAZY!  Where’s my spring weather?  Come on February is almost over, and I want shorts!

7 thoughts on “

  1. Well, as you recall, we can have drops of 30 degrees in one day during summer months. I swear that sometimes winter evenings are warmer than summer evenings. Still – from summer to winter in 2 days – this is bizarre.

  2. Hey, don't complain too much you could be here (MN) where the warmest it has been this winter is 37 and some folks thinks that is shorts weather, crazy. This week we have one day forecasted to a whopping 18 and sunny. Oh, I long to live where it never snows!!!!

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