Interview with Superman

What is your name: Superman
When is your birthday: March fourth 
How old are you: 4, I like little bit of things Mom, so you should ask little bit of things to me 
Who is your Mama: Ticia
What does your Mama do:can you ask me little bit of questions, cause I like little bit of things? spell names 
Who is your Daddy: Daddy
What does your Daddy do: work 
What is your favorite color: blue
What is your favorite song: ummmm, Diego (starts singing Diego over and over again) 
What do you want to do when your grow up: ummm, a Daddy 
Where do you want to live when you grow up: ummm, right in our house 
What is your favorite food: Daddy soup from I don’t know (Zuppa Tuscana at Olive Garden), from Olive Grape.  That’s all the things I like, I got two more things I like Mom.  And then that’s all.   No three more things I like.  I like Legos and Batman toys and white milk.  That’s all the things I like.
What is your least favorite food: I don’t like.  I like ‘tatoes.  I don’t like green beans.  I don’t like spicy food. 
What is your favorite animal: giraffes.  I’m tired of saying things.  And then I can’t.  I WANT TO STOP! 
What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: they sleep 
Who does our family love the most: ummm….. their kids 
Where do we go to church: to church
Why do we go to church: cause we ‘posed to 
What is your favorite movie: umm…  Diego 
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: umm.. chocolate 
Where do you like to eat: at our house 
Who is your favorite person: Drake and my Daddy (waaahhhh, no one likes me)
Can I be done?  (and then he storms off, turns around) and says “I’m done!”
So, I guess we’re done.


6 thoughts on “Interview with Superman

  1. great questions! I'm going to save these for a few weeks and do them with B when he turns 3. I think it is neat to do an interview every 6 months and then every year as they get older. The questions I used at 2 1/2 were pretty basic so these are perfect! Thank you!
    I think his answers are adorable!

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