I really want a dog

Sigh, I thought I had scheduled this to come out tomorrow…..  This is what happens when you try and write a post while watching your kids  take a bath.

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Princess Puppy

So, we read this book and it sparked a conversation with my kids.  But first I have to give you some background.

My kids have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. I made the mistake of telling the boys one time (about a year ago) that we could get a dog once Princess was potty trained. They spent the next month following her around saying, “You want a dog? Go poop in the potty Princess and we’ll get a dog.” NEVER say something in front of your kids you don’t want them to remember.  Keep in mind she might have been two when they were doing this.

Now fast forward a year and we’re working on potty training her for real now, and they’re following her around and telling her all about how she needs to go poop in the potty so they can get a dog.

All right, you have the background.

Well, in this book it talks about the different things you need to do for a dog.  Feed the dog, walk the dog, and pick up after the dog.  I talked with them all about how they would have to do this, and they said they could it.  Then I dropped the bomb I knew would make them think, you have to keep your toys picked up.

“Oooohhhhhhh,” they all chorused.  I could see some serious thinking going on.  “Why?”

“Because dogs chew toys when they’re little.”

“Oh, can we have a cat?  Cats don’t eat toys.”  This from Batman.  Like I said, serious thinking.

“No, we can’t have a cat.  Daddy is allergic to cats.  That means they make him sick,” I figured this would get them more excited about picking up toys.

“How about a bird?” asked Superman.  “He could fly all over the house and flap flap flap all over.  And he wouldn’t eat toys because he’d be in the air.”  He illustrates how a bird moves with his arms.

“No, we’re not having a bird inside.”  I started to have nightmares about the mess and horror that would be.

“Can we have a bird outside?”  Batman asked.  “Then he could fly around outside.”

“We’re not keeping a bird in a cage outside,” I answer, but I offer an olive branch.  “We could get a bird feeder so birds could come and eat the food and a birdhouse so they could make their nests here.”

“And we’d have baby birds?” asked Princess.  You could see she was excited about this idea.

“We might,” at this point I’m trying really hard to not laugh, and really wish I’d had my camera handy to record this discussion.

So, now I need to find a good bird feeder and birdhouse.  Any suggestions?  I have some ideas, but would love some more.

6 thoughts on “I really want a dog

  1. We tried a bird feeder, but on top of the “usual” bird mess, the birds dropped seeds into the yard, and we ended up with a crop of miscellaneous corn, and grains growing in the grass. It was interesting, but it didn't make for a very pretty yard.

    What about a gold fish?

  2. This is good! I love how the kids rationalized picking up our toys for a puppy wouldn't be worth it!

    I have no clue as for a bird house or feeder, I see them here in the Spring in the garden supply area of stores like Walmart or Target.

  3. Very cute and funny post! Kids have great memories. Glad you guys came up with a good compromise. But I wonder if it won't be long before they are asking about that dog again.

  4. They really don't like picking up toys hey! What good problem solvers you have and I love the way they think outside the box and are able to come up with so many alternatives.

    I am sorry that I do not have any advice about bird feeders. I remember seeing some homemade ones in the blogosphere, but for the life of me I can not remeber where.

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