Oh who are the people in your neighborhood?

In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood?

Anyone else remember that song from Sesame Street?  And, no this isn’t about community helpers.

About a week or so ago I took the kids on a walk.  Princess rode in the stroller, because her casts were still on (and when I say a week or so ago, that was when I first started writing this post on Friday, so it’s probably almost two weeks ago when this post is published).  The boys took the pictures I needed.

geography,Me on the Map

Their job was to take pictures of the houses in our cul-de-sac.  They more or less got that part done.  They also got these shots.

geography,Me on the Map

geography,Me on the Map

geography,Me on the Map

Mind you the bottom shot I actually like.

Well, then I took those photos home and uploaded them on my computer and cropped them to usable shots and printed them out on paper.

Then we cut out the pictures and glued them on to look like our cul-de-sac.  And we talked about how we created a map of our street.

The finished product.

Next week we’re going to start on Texas.  Oh, and I forgot to add that this is a further expansion of our Me on the Map activities, which all started with drawing me (um, which post I am too lazy to find right now, and besides which I’m being requested to go watch Dinosaur Train with the kids, so I’m off to do that)

For more geography ideas head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.


12 thoughts on “Oh who are the people in your neighborhood?

  1. Great idea! I love it! You told me about this, but until I seen it first hand it well, it is a cool idea. I might just have to try something like this with Selena.

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