Art Box and Kiddos Create: pins and needles

I’m sure with a title like that you’re really curious now aren’t you?  Well, remember how last Monday I talked about Princess discovering my pin cushion?  Well my boys have discovered it now, and they’ve been busy creating stuff with pins.


Mainly they’ve been torturing Goliath from a Bible playset I made…….


I think that is a baby wipe, a foam sticker and lots and lots of pins.  I’ve been discovering Goliath all over my bottom floor with all sorts of things stuck to him.  Right now he sits behind me on the office floor with pins all over him and tied up in kite string “he’s in a trap, and NO PRINCESS DON”T TOUCH MY TRAP!”  that last part is screamed as loud as his voice goes.


I think this is Batman’s illustration…….  This is a spaceguy and his pets.


Superman says this is a star and a space guy and all of his pets, and there’s a monster eating them.


Batman found some embroidery thread and proceeded to destroy it  I gave Batman some embroidery thread and he practiced his cutting skills on it until it was a pile of little bitty scraps.  He then declared this was a nest and it was their home.


Superman found my paper coins and started gluing them down on everything.


And finally my personal favorite.  Princess was hard at work on this gluing away for quite a while……


Notice the stickers on her shirt.  Are you still waiting to see her fabulous masterpiece?


It took most of a glue stick to produce this.  And a very long time to make it.  Why?  Because it takes a long time to satisfactorily create a total glue stick creation.

To see more fun creations from kids click on either of the icons at the top of my post.  Both of these ladies sponsor some great linkies about kids creating stuff.

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