What we read this week: dog

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If you go according to this picture: Scooby Doo comics………  And that statement makes a lot more sense now that I’ve added in the picture.

Market Street Dog– We all loved this one and were on pins and needles waiting to see what happened.  This was a good reminder to me that I really should make sure I know what’s going to happen in the end, because for a minute it looked like the dog was going to die, but it all ended up good in the end.  So, this is another book by James Herriot about a dog that was wandering down Market Street and how he ended up finding a home.  Big hit here.
Pinkerton Behave, and A Rose for Pinkerton– both of these are by Stephen Kellogg and are very cute.  The words aren’t that complex but part of the fun is looking at the pictures and seeing how much the words enhance the story.  The kids had a lot of fun with both of these pointing out what is silly and the different details of the pictures.
Dear Mrs. LaRue– this is really aimed at older kids.  It’s a super cute book, and I loved reading to my kids in elementary school when I was teaching, but it went way over my kids heads.  They weren’t getting the difference between what the dog was writing to his owner and imagining and what was really happening.  I’m sure I’ll try this one again in a few years.
Invisible inc and the Missing Dog– This is a beginner chapter book and probably could have been read all in one sitting fairly easily, but I was also wanting to see how well they did at remembering what happened earlier in the book when it’d been a while since we read.  All in all a fun read, and I’m thinking of finding other books in this series.
Clifford and the Spring Clean Up– I think this is one of my least favorite Clifford books and I’m not really sure why.  I think it’s partially because I recognize elements of a Clifford episode in this, but the episode did the story better.  This is one of the older books where it’s more capsules of different things and no real story.  So Clifford tries to shake out the rug, and breaks it.  Then Clifford tries to lay on the couch and breaks it.  You could almost read these bits out of order and it would make no difference to the story.  Frustrating to me.  But, the kids like it.
Carl Goes Shopping– I think we were all vaguely indifferent to this one.  I didn’t glance through it before checking it out, and it’s a wordless book.  But, we did have fun looking at the pictures and talking about what Carl is doing.  I suppose if I’d wanted to I could have made this into a chance to tell me a story, but it was bedtime and I was trying to get them calmed down…..
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