Taking off a cast, or how to make a Mom REALLY happy

So, we went to the doctor’s yesterday to get her cast off, as I said at the end of the post.  Now the entire process for getting it off was fascinating.  So, I’m going to share it with you.  I’m odd I fluctuate between being absolutely fascinated by medical procedures and totally grossed out and not wanting to know anything about it.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

First the nurse, or technician, I’m not sure of her title, came in and showed Princess the thing she would use to take off the cast.  She made a big deal about how it wouldn’t hurt her.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

Then she carefully cut the casts on each side for each foot.  At first Princess thought this was absolutely fascinating, but after the first side on the first foot she started freaking out.  We think it was because the machine was loud, like a vacuum cleaner.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

Next she used tongs to pry the two sides apart.  This part was really interesting, and I could see Princess being really fascinated by it.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

Then she pulled each of the different halves off.  This left only the cotton batting on Princess’ leg.  I’m sure they use a different term than batting, but I don’t know what it is.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

Then they cut off the batting and the edges of the cast at the top with some scissors that I didn’t think looked like they could cut anything.  They looked very dull to me.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

Of course you have to examine the now castless foot and leg to see if they look any different.  She was very amused at the writing the doctor had to put to identify where to operate.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

A better view of the writing.  Apparently this is a legal requirement.  If she was old enough to write they would have required her to verify it as well, instead we as the parents verified.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

And of course now that the horrible casts are off they make fun toys to play with.

science,memories,cast,Science Sunday

The casts.  Doesn’t it seem like there’s something we should be able to do with these?

My original plan to celebrate the casts being off was rather thrown off by the weather changing from wonderful sunny 70s to cold dank rainy 40s.  So, instead we went out.


We ate white noodles at the grape place.  Also known as going to Olive Garden and getting Fettuccine Alfredo.


Batman was not as amused, I don’t know the picture amused me.  I was laughing just this Monday at MOPS we had a photographer come in and give us all these great tips on getting wonderful pictures, and I was thinking this day would be a wonderful opportunity to practice these.  What did I do?  Leave my camera at home, so all I had was an Iphone.  That does not let me fiddle with settings and such stuff.

Oh, and poor Superman.  He had spent all week talking about getting Daddy soup, we’re going to get Daddy soup, and then he discovered no one was going to eat it with him.  Poor boy, I learned that for him part of the fun of eating the soup was having someone else eating the soup with him.  Everyone else was eating Mommy soup, and he was not happy about this.  I think I’ll have to make soup some night soon, and then he can happily have someone else eat soup with him.


We finished off up at Dairy Queen with blizzards.  My kids must not be true Texans because they did not like the blizzards and declared next time they just wanted ice cream in a cone.  Oh well, I happily ate mine.


Does anyone else have kids that argue their pajamas are perfectly fine to wear out in public?  Superman was quite insistent this was not pajamas and it was okay for him to wear these.

Silly boy.
And as you no doubt noticed, this is not a Preschool Corner post.  I’m being lazy this week, and not posting one.  Besides the week I just finished posting about I was lucky the kids all survived…….

8 thoughts on “Taking off a cast, or how to make a Mom REALLY happy

  1. Congrats on getting the cast off!! Yea!
    Also, at least it's pajama's the other day my son INSISTED that he wear a spider man costume that is in his “imagination box” I think it was once a halloween costume that his grandma found at a rummage sale… we're talking muscles, mask and all… sigh… oh well, it kept him warm at least. We had to go to the chiropractor's office and the grocery store – he got a lot of comments!

  2. When my kids broke their arms they had total melt down fits getting their casts off! I love seeing Princess looking at her foot as if she is making sure it is still there!

  3. Yay for cast off! How is Princess feeling getting reacquainted with her feet? For Anna going out in her pajamas is inconceivable – we impressed on her that people would laugh at her. I hope that she won't run into Superman on his pj day anytime soon 🙂

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