Finally finished Little Boy Blue

It’s kind of sad it took this long.  But we got it all done.

To read about the first part of this project go here.  That also has material needed and a the blackline masters you need if you want to do the same one.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

First you cut out your pictures.  It is absolutely necessary that you cut it out in large blocks.  Or so I learned from my kids.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Now use LARGE amounts of glue to get everything on the paper.  Then complain when Mom says you have to put on the words.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Cut yarn, actually this time I used embroidery floss, and think I will from now on for projects I want specific colors.  Then it’s 20 cents for a skein, and it doesn’t take up as much space.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

I just love the studious look on her face.  Actually, I think that’s because she’s trying to figure out how to put back together the paper that tore from too much glue.  But, we’ll pretend it’s because she’s being serious.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Now shred a bunch of cotton balls and glue them on the sheep.  This and cutting the yarn for the haystack was the favorite part of today’s part of the project.  Hmmmmm, that might have been a little bit of a convoluted sentence.

And here’s the finished projects:

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm
Mine, I’d like to claim my kids are these amazing artists…… but, then I’d by lying.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm
I think this is Batman’s.  Yep, looks right when I compare the picture at the top of Batman with this.  So, this is Batman’s project.

And apparently I don’t have a picture of Superman or Princess’ completed projects.  Weird.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

And is it just me, or do I look like a chipmunk in this picture?  Superman loves to take pictures with my camera, and this is one of the more normal ones.  Really, he takes unusual pictures.

Okay, I no longer have a kid napping in my room, PRINCESS GOT HER CASTS OFF!  So, I’m off to take a bath.

I’ll post about the cast taking off process later today once I’ve uploaded the pictures.  It was really interesting to see.

11 thoughts on “Finally finished Little Boy Blue

  1. Love it!! We did a simple Little Boy Blue project at Mommy and Me today. Emily enjoyed making it. I am getting together the things to make a nursery rhyme book like yours since she enjoys them so much!

  2. SO HAPPY for you that Princesses' cast are OFF!! I can only imagine how happy you must be!

    These finished projects are adorable.

    I LOVE their little woolly sheep!

  3. Hooray that the casts are off. That is great news.

    My children enjoy nursery rhymes and what a great source of inspiration for a creative craft project.

    My three year old also believes that she NEEDS to use copious amounts of glue.

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