Preschool Corner: Farm Animals

Just to give a quick update on Princess. She’s figure out how to walk on carpet. She can’t yet walk on the tile with her casts, but she’s figured out how to crawl. I am still very eagerly looking forward to these casts coming off because I can’t get anything done while she has the casts on. So, no house cleaning, very little cooking, make that no cooking. I’m going a little stir crazy. So, be praying I can endure……..


We had an amazing book for me reading to them. Not so much for their reading. They continued to work on Progressive Phonics, but they were in a bit of a silly mood. I think it’s going to take a while for them to settle into a routine. with it.

Huh, that’s weird I just noticed I’m in the old editor…. And it’s not letting me switch back to the new.  Oh, I was in the wrong view.  Oops.


math,math U See

We started Math-U-See this week.  I came to the conclusion the kids, and the boys in particular needed something more for their math than just doing calendar time.  We started this and everyone is loving it.  I’ll be writing a more detailed post about our opinion next week.  But, they’ve been having a blast playing with the blocks and watching the videos with it.



To go with our farm studies we did a couple of projects.  We sorted animals on the farm into their different categories.  We also tried the different types of milk and cheese you get from sheep, goats, and cows.  To read a more detailed explanation, and to get a fun link to a great show go here.



I could claim this was organized physical activity, but that would just be a lie.  So to give it a more accurate title.  The boys had a blast playing.  Batman rode his bike in circles forever chasing a local kid.  Superman decided he wanted to shoot bows and arrows.  We had to go over the rules for using those again, but other than that no major problems.

Oh, I forgot.  We did have to add a new rule.  No shooting arrows straight up.  He almost landed an arrow right on top of the house that we would never have gotten down.  That and it nearly fell right on top of his head.  So rules for shooting: don’t shoot it at people, only shoot into the grass, don’t shoot straight in the air.  I’m sure there’s another I’m not thinking of as I write this morning.


Princess spent most of the time happily sitting in the chair supervising……  Sometimes I think she takes that nickname too seriously.  And, on a completely unrelated note my kids are totally addicted to Dinosaur Train right now.  Here’s Batman mesmerized by it.  I think this has even replaced heroes shows as their favorite.

farm,science,science sunday

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18 thoughts on “Preschool Corner: Farm Animals

  1. We just discovered Dinosaur Train when we were at the folks' place after Christmas. I've got to see if we can get it on disk – it was a big hit with my seven and under crowd.

    You're still on our prayer list too – thanks for the update on Princess.

  2. Oh I hope Princess gets her casts off very soon, and you survive the insanity !!

    Dinosaur Train is a favorite here too. Along with Word World, and Super Why. Can you tell we do afternoon schooling hehehe ?

  3. We are using mathusee with the twins and I'm very pleased with it. We're almost done with primer and we'll just keep going so they don't get out of practice. I think it works really well with boys because of the blocks. Plus, i think it works best if you start your kids with it, rather than switching to it later.

  4. Selena loves dinosar train. She is always glued, and now names most all the dinosars she sees in books, she can tell just exactly what they are.

    I still haven't found any dinosars for her so we can do a study on them.

    I love the picture of Princess just sitting there supervising, that is what a princess is suppose to do!

  5. So what if the cleaning doesn't get done. It will still be there so, don't stress about it. I am so happy to hear that she is able to get around some. In time things will get easier for her and your life will resume its normal daily chaos. 🙂

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your MathUSee review. I've liked what I've seen of it, but we use Saxon with my older one. She went to private school to start and when we started homeschooling, she was going into Saxon 3rd grade, so I kept with it. If I start from the beginning with the boy, I have options.

  7. “Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur Train! Let's ride, ride, ride, ride, ride… The Dinosaur Train!”

    (Oh yeah, I hear that in my sleep sometimes…)

    Side note: My Kindergartener and 2nd grader do “Math U See” and love it! I feel like it really explains the concepts and doesn't just have the kiddos memorizing facts.

  8. Adorable picture of Princess.

    I am looking forward to reading your post and thoughts on Math-U-See. That is one I seriously considered and still may look into in the future.

  9. I agree, the cooking and cleaning will always be there, but on the other hand, I sympathize with you. When your house gets out of control – you feel out of control.
    Hopefully this is just a short season of your life.

    Looks like all the kids were having fun.

    We like all the PBS shows, too. Very often we incorporate them into school. It's the only tv my daughter will watch.

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