Organizing online ideas

This is a real quick Works for Me Wednesday post that I wanted to share with ya’ll.

I love Evernote.  I’m totally addicted to it.  Whenever I find a neat idea online I highlight it and then hit my “Clip to Evernote” button on my bookmarks bar.  Then a little box pops up and I can tag that website with whatever I want to tag it.  So if I see a cute craft idea someone has made related to snow, here’s how I’ll usually tag it: snow, snowman, weather, paint, popsicle stick….  You get the idea.  For me I will usually tag it however I might possibly use it in a future time, that includes what the craft is made of, or recipes to try later.

How do you organize your ideas you find?  This is what works for me, what works for you?

6 thoughts on “Organizing online ideas

  1. Wow! I've never heard of that but will check it out. I just have a running list in Word for books to check out. But I'm terrible about keeping track of where I find ideas. Which means I can't give credit for them. Maybe this Evernote would help.

  2. ok just subcribed to evernote. My issue is I have so many starred blog posts and you can't organize them and it takes forever to find something. Now if you have any quick tips for evernote please share.

  3. I love Evernote too! The only problem is that when I first started using it, I didn't put “tags” on things. Now I have tons of clips and I have to go through the all to find what I am looking for. Needless to say, I now use the tags!!!

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