Science Sunday: Farm, part 1

So, we’re studying farm for two weeks.  In My Father’s World you study goats, cows, and horses as three separate weeks, but I’m squishing it all into two weeks.  This may end up as three weeks still because of Princess’ surgery this Tuesday, but we’ll see how I’m feeling.  I may be ready to move on anyways.

So, I have two different activities to report on.  Here’s the first one:

Supplies needed: farm animals (could be toys or pictures, I had lots of toys collected for this), barn (I found mine at the Target dollar spot which has lots of farm stuff right now), green grass, and blue water (I used a pieces of felt I had left over from another project)


First we dumped all of the toys out on a piece of foam board.  I used the foam board mainly to keep it all localized.


Next we took turns sorting animals into the different areas where they might live.  This got complicated because some of the animals could live in several areas.  Also, I realized as we were doing this I really should have included some kind of pen for animals like pigs that go in there, but oh well.  We sorted it into 4 categories: house, barn, pasture, and water.


As you might guess this was wildly popular.  Further extensions I meant to do, and might still do this upcoming week: sort them by number of legs, type of animal, type of covering (feathers, fur, etc…), what they eat.  All in all the kids had a blast with it.

Now on to the next activity.

farm,science,science sunday,field trip

We went to our local Sprouts and tracked down goat milk, goat cheese, and sheep cheese.  The goat cheese I bought was actually cheddar, and the sheep cheese was feta.  My kids are usually big fans of feta……

farm,science,science sunday,field trip

They also insisted we needed to get carrots with “green stuff on them.”  Maybe we’ll share these carrots for our field trip that we’re going on tomorrow (tomorrow for me being Saturday as I write this on Friday).

farm,science,science sunday

Then we took it all home and had a lovely tea party the next day trying our different cheeses and using goat milk for cream for the tea.

farm,science,science sunday

Okay, I just added that because I was immensely amused that Superman insisted on having ketchup to add to everything.  I thought the idea of ketchup and cheese sounded decidedly gross.

Their verdict:

Sheep cheese was not really eaten.  Everyone took a bit, but no one asked for more.  Only Superman finished his.  I thought it was a little too salty.

Goat cheese was devoured by Batman and Princess.  Superman wouldn’t finish his slice.  I’m somewhat wondering if his dislike was due more to it being white than because of a difference in taste, because he ate the orange cow cheddar just fine, and there wasn’t a noticeable difference to me.  I think we went through half of the block we bought of this one.

Goat milk, I honestly don’t know if they noticed the difference since we put it in the tea.  I might have them try it again later when it’s just by itself.

Oh, and I found the coolest new show on Food Network: How’d That Get on My Plate?  If you follow the link you can click on a clip of how they make cheese.  I’m totally addicted to the show.  So far we’ve found out how apples become apple sauce and all sort of other products, and how to make ice cream and cheese.  If you’ve got a kid who likes Reading Rainbow episodes, or likes informational shows your kid will love this.  My kids will happily sit and watch it with me.  Now, I have to sit and watch it with them because otherwise they go and play.  But…….  Still, it’s very cool.

And for my link to share this week a fun activity from Almost Unschoolers.  If anyone is doing snow or snowman activities this could be a fun one to add in for a science experiment.  Someday soon I will do this.  I’m going to have to figure out a more organized way to feature links, because I’m sure I’ll just end up featuring the same one or two eventually because I’m that forgetful.

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

5 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Farm, part 1

  1. I love how you tied the food into the farm lesson! We talked about the water cycle this weekend, and were very excited that it was raining when we woke up so we could see it in action!

  2. I got the same barn, but holding on to it, since I want to do farm sometime in the spring. I really liked your experiments in trying different foods – maybe we should do it here more often to combat extreme pickiness.

  3. Wow! There's a lot to comment on in this one.

    I love the idea of trying different animal milk, and cheeses (we've never done that).

    We're going to check out the Food Network show – it sounds really interesting.

    Thanks for the mention – blowing up the snowmen, was a lot of fun.

    And, I totally goofed my link again, but this time, I added a second, corrected one. Apparently, I have real problems spelling Jell-O 🙂

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