What we’ve been reading this week: farm

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I was so happy this was actually a week we got LOTS of reading done.  I was so glad to finally have a week of lots of books.
Look Once, Look Again on the Farm– The text is a little simple, but it’s fun to look at the super close-up picture and try to guess what animal or farm equipment it might be.  There was even one or two that stumped me.
Billy and Bonnie the Goats–  This is a great fact book about goats.  We used this to talk about and compare goats to different animals on the farm.  The kids enjoyed it, but weren’t really asking to read it more.
Sheep on the Farm– This was fun because it brought up things they hadn’t really thought about before, and the kids were asking lots of questions from this one.
Mrs. Goat and the Seven Little Kids– I thought this version of the fairy tale was kind of fun.  It felt like they were modernizing it a little, I could certainly see my house in her house.  And I was amused at the resolution of the story.  Oh, and it does have a happy ending, despite the brief problem of the kids being eaten.
The Seven Kids and the Wolf– This is the Richard Scary version, and while I liked the other version the art work in this one appealed to me more.  Also, in this one the Wolf doesn’t actually eat the kids, they’re just in a bag.  So, not quite as true to the original, but very fun.
The Cow on the Roof– This one cracked me up because it’s a classic story of the grass being greener on the other side.  The husband keeps seeing his wife having “life easy,” and so one day he demands to switch jobs with her.  She’ll go work out in the field, and he’ll work in the house.  He very quickly learns it’s not as easy as it looks, and has all sorts of problems with her regular housework, mostly coming about because he’s trying to do it quickly.  This was very popular.
The Cow Who Wouldn’t Come Down– I found this at Half Price Books and got it mainly because the title reminded me of “Hey Diddle, Diddle,” and I’m always a sucker for a Nursery Rhyme companion.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with it, but it was so cute and funny.  The kids loved it, and I think it’s buried somewhere in the boys room now.
The Happy Man and the Dump Truck– Is seriously a cute story.  Before I’d even finished reading it there was a near fight about who would get to take the book to bed with them.  Luckily Batman was happy with “The Cow Who Wouldn’t Come Down,” and Princess was too busy trying to convince us to let her sleep in her brother’s room.  This is one of the classic Little Golden Books, and I highly recommend getting it.  We’ve read this one several times before.
James Herriot Treasury for Children– This is a both a compilation and a subset.  These were originally produced as chapters in one of his books.  Then it was printed as picture books for kids individually, and now it’s all a compilation.  So far this week we’ve read “Moses the Kitten,” and “One Little Woof.”  I like them because it exposes the kids to a slower style of writing than is often found in modern books, you know the “living books,” so many people rave about.  It has a great set of vocabulary, and they’re a nice description of the life of a vet.  It’s probably not going to be my kids’ favorite book, but they enjoy sitting and listening to the story and waiting to see what will happen to Moses and if his mom will be found.
So, that’s all our books for the week.  Actually, there’s a few more I haven’t had a chance to dig out of the kids rooms, but that’s all the Amazon widget lets me add.  I’m sure you can guess what my posts for the week will be about.

7 thoughts on “What we’ve been reading this week: farm

  1. Seriously Ticia, I open up my library website every time I'm about to read your book post, and I put books on hold for us. You always have such great recommendations! I love the sound of all of these and I have not heard of any of them! Thank you!

  2. Hi Ticia

    I have noticed that you have been commenting on quite a few of the blogs I also visit, so I thought I would stop by your blog. So glad I did!

    My children really enjoy farm animals and I have made a note of several of the books from your list.

    I am going to be the newest follower of your blog – I'm off to add myself as a follower now.

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