Art Box: pipe cleaners and play dough

We didn’t do super a lot of sitting down and coloring and such like I had planned our first week back to school.  Mainly because we had 3 different play dates last week, so I did the bare necessities and the occasional art project.

Here’s the side effect of our art project.


Batman made a trap that he later declared an ornament and hung up on the tree I’m in the middle of taking down right now.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

 The collective work of all of us.  We made people and bugs (that’ll be a whole other post) and walking tables and food and eggs.  And, I really better go get the strawberry bars out of the oven before they burn.  Did you know it’s really hard to type with a 3 year old on your lap?


Another Batman creation.  He said this too was a trap for the bad guys.  He seems to be really into creating traps.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

And, I was happy as a clam when the boys were interested in putting the beads on pipe cleaners.  Princess did it as well, but apparently there’s no pictures.  I also got the fun of waking up to a pipe cleaner full of beads being shoved in my face as Princess said, “Mom, see what I made!”  I blinked at her a lot.

Hmph, I thought I had a wonderful picture of the playdough mosaic Princess made, but I apparently don’t.

So, that’s a whole thing of pipe cleaners all used up and three very happy kids.  For more great art creations head over to Tired, Need Sleep.

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