What we’re reading this week: insects and such stuff

Well, sadly most of the books we read this week I couldn’t find for the Amazon widget, so no being lazy this week.

Fancy Nancy Explorer Extroidanaire– this was kind of popular with the kids.  I liked the different ideas for going out and looking for bugs and evidence of animals.  It also reminded me of what I think is a boy scout motto: take only pictures, leave only tracks.  Which I have to admit I don’t really follow because I like to pick up the odd rock or leaf, so it’s a little hard to deny my kid doing it if the park hasn’t specifically requested otherwise.  And yes, if the park rules say no taking stuff I don’t let them.  I also don’t let them randomly start pulling leaves off, before anyone starts getting too worried.

Bug Safari– Jeff read this to the kids while I remade the other bed.  From what I could hear it was a pretty fun book, and the kids enjoyed it.  The kid who was on a hike had a lot of fun trying to predict where the bugs were going and what they were doing.

A Day With No Crayons– I really liked this and thought it was super cute.  The girl loves to draw and gets in trouble for drawing on the wall, so her crayons are taken away (and I can say they’ve never drawn on the wall at my house, on the carpet with markers, but not the wall….).  So she starts figuring out how to draw without crayons.  I’d love to get this again when it’s warmer outside.  This has some fun follow-up activities you could do with it in warm weather.

There’s a Witch Under the Stairs–  Princess keeps dragging this book out of our Halloween box, and I think I almost have this thing memorized.  A little girl is convinced there is a witch under her basement stairs and is afraid of it.  Eventually she is forced to confront her fears.  Really cute story, and a good one if your child is prone to being afraid of the unknown.  It’s not specifically Halloween, I just put all the witch and ghost books in that box.

Well, that’s all that I can remember for this week.  For some reason whenever it comes time to write these posts I can never remember what all we’ve read.  But, while I thought we were going to settle back into a routine and get into more reading, I somehow scheduled us for 3 play dates in the same week.  So, it was a little busy.

6 thoughts on “What we’re reading this week: insects and such stuff

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave an encouraging comment. I so appreciate your time. It was fun to drop by your blog and read through some of the fun things you are doing with your kids. I love your enthusiasm for teaching them in all areas of knowledge and adventure.

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