I really wanted to post my Santa Cookies, yes I know Christmas was almost two weeks ago, but I didn’t post this earlier, for not particularly good reason.

First, here’s the original recipe from my Great Grandmother as scanned in by me before I made these:


And the back of the recipe:


And if you ever want a source for great cookie cutters or baking supplies: Aunt Chick’s, this is the original company that sold the cookie cutters, after searching for 5 years I was able to find this and get replacement cookie cutters, because I don’t know if you know this, but plastic does not hold up super well for over 50 years of cookie making.

Here’s the actual recipe, since I’m sure that’s not readable.


1C shortening
2C sugar
3 eggs
1 t salt
1.5 t vanilla
3/4 t almond extract
1t baking soda (which can be left out)

Mix all of this together first, then blend in 4.5 cups flour.

Refrigerate about a half hour.

Then roll it out and start cutting out cookies. bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.  Let your kids decorate.  And decorate they did:

Superman decorating cookies

Princess believes that all cookies need large amounts of sugar sprinkles added.  LARGE AMOUNTS.

Batman’s final results…..

Superman’s final cookies

And Princess’ final cookies

And here’s what I learned from this:

1.  Red food dye does stain my new Christmas table cloth.  I really should have taken it off, but I thought “it’s already dirty, why bother.”

2.  Kids use a lot of sugar sprinkles, and sprinkles.  I started off with a set of 5 FULL jars, and ended with 3 of the jars empty.  Admittedly 3 of those jars were about half the usual size, but still……

3.  Kids are messy when decorating, plan on having the kids take a bath afterwards.


And here’s the officially decorated Santa cookies.  I did good, I did let them decorate a few Santas……


And they were kid-approved, mostly.  I did end up finding her cookie later on with like 3 bites out of it.

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