Toys my kids ACTUALLY play with

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I love this idea, but usually don’t remember to post, and since we got all these wonderful new toys for Christmas this is the perfect time to share.  So here goes:

Christmas,opening presents

1.  Imaginenext Batman toys–  I am sure this is no surprise these are very popular in our house.  We have a lot of the various toys in this line through several birthday, Christmas, and their using their allowance.  At this point I think we have about 10 Batmans, 3 Robins, 1 Joker, 1 Mr Freeze, and 1 Superman (who I think is lost at a grandparent’s house, not sure on that one). The link is to the entire product line, the feature in the carousel is what Batman got for Christmas.  I should add, we also got several of their other sets, including a whole slew of hand-me-down toys my kids are thrilled to pieces about.

2. Disney Favorite Moments Castle- This is the first of 2 castles Princess got this year.  She loves this one and carries it around, and now is working towards earning the Ariel that goes with this.  Why?  Because on the picture in the box it shows Ariel taking a bath, so now she NEEDS, did you hear me?  NEEDS Ariel.

3.  Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Princess Castle– This is actually the second castle by them we have.  And I’m not complaining.  I like this one because it came with furniture and a few more dolls than the original one we got, and it’s a bit more compact.  I’m thinking this could be a great toy to bring with us on car trips.  The link at the beginning is to their various castle products.  Currently we have the Castle doll set, the Fold and Go and what I’m guessing is now a discontinued plain old boring non-gender specific castle.  I’m thinking for the boys birthday in a few months of going by Michael’s and getting them some of the figures they have their Safari LTD figures.  Every time we go to Michaels this is the bribe for being good while I get my stuff, they get to play  with them in the store.  These figures are also the first thing they worked to save up for.  They saved for a couple of months to get $10 to buy a knight and his horse.

4.  Scooby Doo Haunted House Game- I’ll admit I was dubious of this game when I saw it.  Gimmick games, and games based on TV shows or movies are usually not that good.  I can think of two now that I like, and this is one of them.  It’s a pain in the rear to set up because of all the complicated pieces, but it’s fun to play.  You’re playing the characters from the show, and trying to get up to the top to see who is the ghost.  Along the way you trigger traps that might send you back.  This is VERY popular in our house.

5.  Legos-  I’m sure you’re shocked my kids got Legos.  Batman got 2 Star Wars sets, Superman got a Star Wars set and a Castle set, and Princess got the Lego Camper set.  And it sells for a lot less at the store than it’s selling for on Amazon, I mean half price.  Seriously.  I like the camper best because it stands up to my kids playing with it.  Most of the Star Wars Lego sets once the kids start playing with them break.  They’re more made to be looked at than played with.

6.  Playmobil- Santa gave each of the kids a Playmobil set.  I really like the smaller Playmobil sets because they have lots of interesting stuff, but don’t take too much space.  Of course my kids are trying to convince me to buy the Pyramid and the Victorian Mansion and every other HUGE set……  Instead they got a vet clinic, a pirate set, a smaller Egyptian set, and the kid’s room.  I really wanted, I mean, Santa really wanted to get Princess the Pet Clinic but, it was sold out at every store I went to, and I went to several.  Sigh, oh well another time.  Superman tried to convince me we needed the Family Camper because he could take it with him to hotels.  This just means there are things to get them for future birthdays and Christmases.  It’s all good.

7.  Leapster-  The kids each got a Leapster from my Mom, if this morning is any indication these are going to be super popular.  Superman spent all morning playing with his Star Wars game.  Next thing to do is start teaching them the boundaries and rules of having a toy like this.  That’s for another day, right now it’s new and we’re giving a little slack.

For more ideas of what people got their kids go over to My Bilingual Boys.

4 thoughts on “Toys my kids ACTUALLY play with

  1. I love all the reviews – I am SO shocked that your children love Legos 🙂 I am hoping that you will have a post one of these days to explain how your kids earn toys. We're contemplating some sort of the system, but haven't decided on one yet.

  2. Diego got a couple of Imaginext toys for his birthday- the pirate ship and some dragon thing. I am impressed by the quality. We continue to be Lego crazy over her and I see no end in sight.

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