Art Box: hodge podge

Okay, so I don’t do well at just letting my kids have at the art supplies, mainly because they’re not great at cleaning up. I do let them have some access, and here’s what I’ve got so far:



They decorated the cover of their making words notebooks. I gave them stickers, glue, crayons, markers, and old worksheets to do what they wanted with. It was fun to see what they came up with. Batman is in the top picture, and Superman is in the bottom one. Hmmm…. strangely enough the pictures are all blurry.

But, here’s some things I want to let them have access to:

pipe cleaners
stamp pads (this I do occasionally, but I’ve learned to keep them out of reach in general because of this, umm washable is not always washable)
water colors
colored pencils
stickers/collage materials

So, I’m going to do my best to get this moving……..  We’ll see how we do.

4 thoughts on “Art Box: hodge podge

  1. You are a brave soul. As grandpa found out a long time ago to give Selena her art supplies while not at her work area at the table, she colors everything but what we want her to.

  2. Too bad that the pics are so blurry – probably the kiddos played with the settings while making their pics. I am also slowly getting better at free access to art supplies, but my problem is that daughter is not really interested 😦

  3. It looks like they had fun and were interested in what they were doing. The blurry photos make it look a lot more exciting. 🙂 I never let M use real art materials unless he's at the table in the kitchen (well except for crayons and coloring books and a glue stick. Not much he can do with those, right? We already had the big “don't ever rub the gluestick into the carpet again” conversation – not one he's apt to forget. 🙂 ) Thanks for linking up – you always make me smile!

  4. I used to leave everything out for the kids to use whenever they felt like it. Then we moved. Now, they have access to everything that isn't messy and if they want something else, they have to ask. Even though we have an art area in the basement, I can't stand the thought of paint (you are so right about washable not always being washable) or ink all over the place!

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