Science Sunday: Umm I did nothing this week

I had great plans, honestly I did.  These plans were not really achievable with everything else going on.  I spent Monday doing shopping for my friend with cancer.  Tuesday was spent at their house cleaning and decorating it for Christmas.   I honestly have no memory of Wednesday beyond the boys well-check appointment.  Thursday was spent in the doctor for Princess’ well check, and then trying to get follow-ups with an orthopedic surgeon for Princess’ toe…….  Then Friday we spent forever cleaning up their rice mess, and just general house cleaning, and today we went to see Princess and the Frog (which by the way was EXCELLENT).

Instead I want to tell you about an awesome site I found a little while ago that has provided me with many excellent ideas Nature Detectives.  It has so many AWESOME ideas, and I could spend forever just wandering through their site drooling over the pictures and pretending that I am that much of a nature person.

And right now they have an Advent Calendar going.  You can look through previous days, and there are so many awesome ideas.  I will warn you, some of them aren’t as applicable because it’s a UK site, and so we may not have the particular tree or plant they’re spotlighting, but still it’s fun to read.  I really loved their Winter Twig guide from the Advent Calendar.

So, was anyone else actually able to get something done?  I have a couple of ideas for next week involving ice, or the airplane models we got at the Christmas party.

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

5 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Umm I did nothing this week

  1. That's a great nature site! Thanks for the link. It sounds like you had a lot of much more important things going on this week. And it sounds like you have some interesting ideas for next week. Merry Christmas!!

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