Christmas Outing: Buying presents for your brother and sister

One tradition we started last year was each of us taking one kid and having a day out with them.  We’d take them to dinner somewhere they enjoy (and us mean parents rule out McDonalds, Mimi is much nicer and is willing to take them).  Then we go to a store and wander around and buy presents for their brother and sister.  And we go wrap all the presents then.

Last year I went with Princess, and this year I went with her again (luck of the draw).

night out

Princess and I went to Olive Garden and we colored pictures.

night out

We shared a salad and “White noodles,” also known as fettuccine Alfredo.  And I learned from Princess remembered that food stolen from someone else’s plate tastes much better.

night out

Then we went to Wal-Mart and got the boys Christmas presents and some extra pajamas, because who doesn’t love footed pajamas?  Princess insisted that she needs to push the cart, which is a little exciting….

night out

And Princess showed me how to exercise using the shopping cart.  Oh to be a kid again, when hanging from a cart is the most fun you can have.

Of course the instant we saw her brother she had to tell them exactly what she bought them.  We’re still working on the concept of secrets, as in none of my kids has any concept of it.

I love traditions like this.  Anyone have any fun Christmas traditions?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Outing: Buying presents for your brother and sister

  1. Meghan HATES footed pjs…or even fleece zip type without feet! She strips down within an hour of bedtime if we put her in them!

    I like your tradition of shopping for siblings as a special date night.

  2. We love-love-love footed pjs here and totally in the same boat on secret keeping 🙂 She is getting better at it though. We are still forming our Christmas traditions – for example, today Anna begged her papa to make a wooden manger for Baby Jesus. They compromised on Lego manger 🙂 Now we have a Nativity set with Lego people and structures and Playmobil animals.

  3. Our kids draw names, so it's only one present each one has to buy – but I still spent 2 1/2 hours, carting my twelve year old around town today, looking for a present for his sister. We went to every store in town, and one twice, before he settled on something. It turned out, he was looking for something she would like, but that was not pink – because he didn't want to be seen buying something pink!

  4. I love that you do this. And I love that Princess told the boys what she got them! Crumpet told me last year what he and Daddy got me – they're just so proud of themselves for shopping and they get so excited!

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