God is good, even when you’re in pain

So after posting yesterday afternoon.  I went and called Jeff, why did I do it after posting, because I knew if I called him right away all he would have heard was sobs, and that would just have totally freaked him out.  So that would be not good.

I talked to him for a while and got calmed down a little.  Then I called my Mom, and she helped even more.  See, the bad news they got is their KOBRA insurance ends at the end of the month (I didn’t want to share yesterday so she would have already had a chance to talk).  One of my Mom’s duties at her job is the HR stuff, and so she had several suggestions of things they could do, and then she found a website of a group that is designed to help people in exactly their situation.  So, I started to see that there is still hope, and this is how God works things out.

Now, comes that part that truly had my heart singing in the midst of pain.  We went to small group, and my friends are part of our small group at church.  They came to join us for our Christmas party.


I’m guessing most of you have gone to a White Elephant party, but the general premise is everyone brings a present and you take turns opening presents.  When it’s your turn you can either open a new present or steal someone else’s.


It was just  a fun night of fellowship and laughter.  And so many of us needed it that night.


The highlight of the night came when Tara’s prize present a heated coffee mug was stolen, and Sam pointed out to her that she could steal his present and then he could steal back her coffee mug.  She was ecstatic at this possibility, and he very carefully got up and started to head off, and then he made us all think he was going to steal another present.  Tara’s look of outrage was priceless!


The second highlight of the night was the whole kid’s gift exchange.  We set a dollar limit and all of the kids went out and picked presents…….  We didn’t do the whole stealing thing with the little guys, because nobody wanted crying 4 year olds.  Instead they got to choose, but they weren’t supposed to look in the bags or boxes beforehand……  That didn’t always work out so well.


Superman was thrilled to get a model airplane kit with stickers and paint.  This morning he’s already put together a couple of them and dropped them off the balcony upstairs.  Batman wasn’t super thrilled at first with his jump rope (he cried), but once he figured out he could use it like a leash on his brother he liked it much better.

And here’s the rest of the night from the viewpoint of Princess and Superman (I left out about half of their pictures, seriously how many pictures can one kid take?).

One of their best friends come to check out their loot and show off his.

He quite happily got an air horn, his parents weren’t so happy about this.  In case you’re wondering even Dollar Store air horns are VERY LOUD!

I think I have future photographers on my hands.  Seriously they love to take pictures.


See his Mom cautioning him about using it.  His parents are worried he’s going to wake up at 5:00 on Christmas morning and wake all of them up.

I think I might of taken this one.  But, it’s still cute.

And then afterwards we got home and I discovered why my kids were “playing so quietly…..”

kid mess

In case you can’t tell that’s the entire floor of my sewing/school room COVERED in rice!  Needless to say all the crafts and the trip to the library puppet show have been canceled so they can spend the day cleaning.

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