What we’ve been reading this week

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I cheated a little, I also put one of the books I read on here. I’m sure you can guess which one…….

On to the books:

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger– LOVE this book. It fulfills my two great cravings in kid books: mice and Christmas, and it tells the Nativity story, what could be better? And it’s by Karma Wilson? LOVE it! The kids liked it too, they aren’t as thrilled with it as I am, but that would be hard to do.

Polar Express– my kids weren’t as intrigued by this after having watched the movie as I had hoped for. But they also had mixed reactions to the movie (as did I, alternated between finding the conductor character funny or scary).
Donkey’s Dream-My kids still keep asking for this book. I think because it has animals. I need to remember to read them: Who’s Coming to Our House, they’d love that one.
Candymaker’s Gift– I really thought this one was going to be a little over their heads. It has a little more text than a lot of their books and the concept is a little over them. However, ever since reading it whenever they see a candy cane they tell me, “When you hold it like this it looks like a shepherd’s staff, and when you hold it like this it looks like a J!” Imagine a very excited voice that’s getting louder and slightly squeaky as he says it. Superman in particular really says it a lot! I have a craft to go with this, but we haven’t had a chance to sit down and do it yet. I have about 4 different crafts that are like this. I don’t know how we’ll get all the stuff done I’m imagining we’re going to.
Froggy’s Best Christmas– I’m fairly sure I’ve posted about this one before, but the kids LOVE it! Really, and I love they’re being exposed to some great “voice” books (it’s one of the writing traits to aim for in the 6+1 writing traits, sorry couldn’t find a better link to explain). It’s one of the Christmas books I have two copies of (and this is a good thing, cuts down on fights).
How the Grinch Stole Christmas– Very popular, and I LOVE the Boris Karloff movie (I’m vaguely indifferent/somewhat dislike the Jim Carrey one, but there are some great songs I love from both versions). I’m actually recording another showing of it sometime this week I think. Happy sigh, I have the Grinch song stuck in my head.
Who Brings Forth the Wind– that’s one of about 4 books by this author I read this week. I’ll admit right now, they’re SUPER CHEESY and ridiculously silly. Yes, hi, I’m Ticia and I’m addicted to Lori Wick books. Yes, I know there is very little historical accuracy. Yes, I know they’re formulaic and predictable, but I still love them. Really I do. I don’t even have a good reason. This series is set in Victorian England and follows a set of friends as they meet and fall in love, and marry their future husband. This particular one is about a female American captain who meets another ship captain and how they fall in love. Yes, it’s cheesy.
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