Science Sunday: Fake Snow

You guys are going to laugh at this one.  I wanted to do a Christmas related science experiment, and with their recent obsession with snow this seemed perfect.  I did a google search and came up with this website: Fake Snow Instructions (it’s a fun read, if you want more information)


What’s needed: disposable diapers (I used those random outgrown ones we have laying around), big bowl, water


1.  Get your diapers and cut them open, you can just tear them open, but cutting makes it sound neater.  And this is not a neat experiment.  Pull out all of the cotton like gel stuff that goes in the middle.  Put it in the big bowl.

It’ll look like this when you’ve added it all in.


2.  Add the water.  It’s going to take several cups.  The kids had a blast getting to add more and more water and watching the gel grow bigger.


3.  Mix it up.  You could probably do this with your hands just fine, but my kids like stirring with spoons.



4.  Touch it and see what it feels like.  They all described it as cold and weird feeling.  Then they were all set to be done with this and start on our next round of wrapping paper.


Then I told them they could fill their own bowls with this and play as much as they wanted and bury things and they were OFF!  Much like race horses.


They buried them in the “snow,” and had their poor Santa toy covered in it, and the dog…….  The toy dog, no pets here yet…….  This was one of our most popular experiments.  I’ve noticed the more messy the experiment the more popular it is.  It took some creativity to figure out how to clean it all up.

Edited to add:  For all of you asking does it feel like real snow?  I’ve never lived somewhere that has real snow, but from my limited exposure to real snow I think it does feel like real snow (or my memories of it).  According to the article I linked to it feels similar to it.  But, no guarantees I’m correct.  As far as my kids are concerned this was the perfect exposure to snow because they got to play in it and it wasn’t too cold.  Hopefully that helps explain for everyone.

So, how about you, what have you done this week for fun science activities?

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

11 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Fake Snow

  1. We did the diaper snow last spring, when we were working with polymers – but we didn't make as much as you did 🙂

    I totally flubbed my link too – are you able to fix it from you end? Sorry, I tripple checked it too, but I must have missed something.

  2. Put me on the list of people wanting to know more about this! We don't get much snow here, so it would be great to give the kids something like snow to play with.

  3. I love this post but it brings back bad memories. When Diego was a baby I came in to get him from his nap and he had taken off his diaper and ripped it open. He was covered with the little gel balls and I freaked out since they were in his mouth too. I called the company and apparently they are not toxic. Cool experiment.

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